2023 Recipients

Queens Arts Fund (QAF) offers project-based grants to Queens-based artists, artist collectives, and small non-profit organizations to support the local production of artwork and cultural programs that highlight, engage, and bolster the diverse communities of the Queens borough.

In 2023, 142 recipients will be supported by $457,600 in total funding, include poetry; plays; and community-based, dance, film, installation, multimedia, music, textile, and sculptural works that explore topics including immigrant experiences; cultural, racial, and gender identity; the pandemic and its impacts; climate change; and home and placemaking.

2023 Queens Arts Fund Recipients

Arts Access

City Gate Productions, “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” by Steve Martin

Como un lugar, Como un Lugar: Annual Latin-American Poetry Festival

DanceStream Projects, Stories in the Moment: Our Portraits

Dovecote Collective, Sunday Outdoor Art Classes on 34th Avenue in Jackson Heights

Gotham Dance Theater, Summer Suite 5.0

Headwall Theatre Company Inc, 1 in 4 written by Michelle Orosz and B.J. Boothe

Jackson Heights Beautification Group, Summer Sundays In The Park

Jasmin Chang and Kisha Bari (JCKB Studios), Hey Neighbor NYC

JH Art Talks, JH Art Talks 2023 Season

Kofago Dance Ensemble, Kwanzaa Celebration 2023

Leonel Linares & Company, Las Heroinas

Los Herederos, Diversity Plaza: Documenting as Resistance

Lyrical Faith Poetry, Real Life Writers Poetry Project: Queens Edition

MingLiang Lu & Sharlene Chou / Magic Ming Studio; Chinese Calligraphy, Paper Cutting, and Craft Workshops for Celebrating Lunar Year of the Rabbit

Mobile Print Power, Mobile Print Power: Back to the Streets

Multicultural Sonic Evolution, “Music of Japan” – from traditional to contemporary

New York Kathak Festival, New York Kathak Festival Pop-Up! Concert 2023

No, YOU Tell It!; No, YOU Tell It! True-Life Tales with a Twist

NY Son Jarocho Collective, The 13th NY Son Jarocho Festival

Paige “Queen TuT” Stewart of The Kingdom Tribe, Where’s The Money Interactive Panel Discussion

Queens Jazz OverGround, Queens Jazz OverGround 2023 Fall Jazz Fest

Queens World Film Festival, The Listing Tour

Royal Star Theatre, All Shook Up

Salvatore LaRussa Dance Theatre, Free Sunday Performing Arts | Queens Outdoor Dance Festival 2023

The Blue Bus Project, Clean & Green: Renewable Solar Energy

The Garage Art Center; See, Touch, & Create Art!

The Motor Company, Communal Spaces

Woodside Arts Collective, Sunnyside/Woodside International Dance Day

New Work

Taaj Al Khaliq, Found Flowers

Santina Amato, Blurred Boundaries

Hannah Antalek, solo exhibition at 5-50 Gallery

Suha Araj and Hala Araj, Who Is Naya?

Helixx C. Armageddon, Museum of My Heart

Daphne Arthur, Fragile Intangibilities

Back to the Lab, Re-imagining Family Archives

Black Petal Theatre, In The Woods Somewhere

Emma Rose Brown, Moving Narratives

Adriel Vincent Brown – The Force, The Force Live

Janet Bruesselbach, Beloved Monsters

Kathleen Capdesuñer, Fefu y Sus Amigas

Nick Capezzera, Many Oceans

Graciela Cassel, River Tales

Luz Castaneda and Alexandre Barranco, Healing Leaves: The Myth of the Orisha Ossanhe

Ashley Chew, Open Book

Jenny Eunjung Cho, where we lift and displace the stones of time

Kristie Chua, Ideas for Reverse Destruction

YunRay Chung, Re-birth-ing

David Claman and Matthew Curran, Song Cycle for Bass Singer and Piano

Magaly Colimon-Christopher, Access Granted

Andrew Cornell Robinson, Confabulations + Fantabulosas

Danny Crump, Ceramics To-Go

Alberto Denis, Christina Eskridge, and P.Tyler Britt, The Bound Diablo

Ilya Dynov, Ilya Dynov Group

eco|tonal (by David Crowell & Iva Casian-Lakos), eco|tonal

Daniel Henri Emond, Kill The Whale: A Musical Odyssey

Salvador Espinoza, The Given of The Place

Alessandra Expósito, Larger Childhood Maladies

Melinda Faylor, Sari-Sari Storybooks with Music

Nina Fiore, Astoria Film Festival; Disability is Diversity! Screening and Panel

Fragmentario, Entrelazado de Onoto en el Almacén de Madera (Annatto Interweaving in the Lumber Warehouse)

Elizabeth Bales Frank, Summers at the Dog Cafe

Funsch Dance, kid subjunctive

Santiago Galeas, Drag in Queens

Linda Ganjian, Her Hands | My Hands sculpture and open studio

Nancy Gesimondo, Portals

Wojciech Gilewicz, “Days and Nights” (2023) HD video work

Kristalyn Gill, LOOK AT ME

Jesse Greenberg, Naeemah Maddox, Charlie Rauh; Sunnyside Field Guide

Clair Gunther, Gesho: Creative Repair

Hank the Mason, Digital Rust

Annie Hart, String Quartet Performance in Grover Cleveland Park

Janet Loren Hill, Parachute Games: Steinway Village

Emily Hockaday, In a Body & Ecopoetry Workshops

Alexa Hoyer, Fallow Frames

Hsiao-Chu Hsia, The Third Party

Chemin Hsiao, From Past to Present

Chieh Hsiung, Islanders

Dena Igusti, A Bit Tuary

Michelle Jaffé, Grifter’s Gambit

Elliot k Johnson, Q lite artist project

Lidiya Kan, Wilderness Pursuit

Satoshi Kanazawa, Exploring Art Song: The World of Kaneko Misuzu

Midori Kaneko Larsen, Seeds of Dreams

Yui Kitamura; Three Folktales from Kagoshima, Japan

John Kitses, Last Days at the Iron Triangle

Lauren Klenow, Pollinator Tower

Wing Kong, Reclaimed Habitat – Ruby Tears

Mo Kong, Swift Island Chain

Alexandra Kumala, 20 Years

Kuya, Tales From Ophir: Moros y Cristianos

Adonis LaMoss, Phantasía

Cindy Lan, Dots on Plates (for solo viola, string ensemble & percussion)

Meadow Land, Ava’s Dream

Laura Lappi, Palace Basilica

Anthoula Lelekidis, Fragments of Diaspora

Franck LesbrosCLOUDNESS

Rejin Leys, Reading the River

Cecilia Lim, From Queens to Our Motherlands: Remember Y(our) Connection

Claire Marie Lim/dolltr!ck, Light: Songs of the Sisterhood

David R. Lincoln & Sara Wallace, Geodes – A Project for Locative Media in Queens

Carla Lobmier, What Now? Six Women Answer

Melissa Martinez, The Politician

David Anaya Maya, Homeland Traces

Derick Melander, To Reshuffle the Sun

Sharon Miller, Pass The Crown – an editorial style portrait project honoring men and women of color living with Dementia

Momedy, Momedy

Jeffrey Morabito, Lost Pets

Nitin Mukul, Heat Maps: Queens

Julian Louis Phillips, STAMPEDE Press

Cristián Pietrapiana & Andrés Senra, F L O O D

Michael Poast, Color Music Timelessness “Density”

Queens Center Of The Arts, Wear The Artist

Colin J. Radcliffe, TO FEEL THESE THINGS

Radicle Community Arts, Creative Family Gathering

erin reid, as the weft moves (Working Title)

Skyler Reid, Me and My Shadow

Daniel Roberts, East River environmental expedition

Robus Dance Theatre Ensemble, Take 5: Lighten up your commute

Regine L. Sawyer, Queens Fiber Arts Festival

Seamus Scanlon, The Long Wet Grass/An Féar Fada Fliuch (Bilingual Rehearsed Reading English/Irish)

Roxanne Scott; The History of Queens, NY in 7 Dishes: A Live Anthology

Rin Seo, Rin Seo Project: Large Ensemble

Guillermo Severiche, Sobrevuelo: An Illustrated Short Story Collection in Spanish on Pigeons and Their Lives in New York

Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre, An Evening of New Classics

Minshik Shin, To benefit everyone in the world

Dani Changah Song, Prayer Cocoon

Shauna Sorensen and Annabelle Popa, Gossamer 3.0

Harley Spiller, Woodside Heights Art Museum

Marissa Stanton, Furious Cooking

Jacquelyn Strycker, More Than I Can Hold

Tierra Narrative — members leading project: Keni Guillen, Génesis Mancheren Abaj, and Frisly Soberanis; [Untitled] Anthology on Grief

Titan to Tachyons, The Abolition of Linear Time

Alvin Tsang, Siyan Wong; People’s Land

Jeanne Verdoux, Female Vaisselle

WMN, Thresholds

Angela Wong Carbone, Minor Legends

Tracy Yang, Scene Taiwan III

Lily Yang, SHADOW PLAY: Tales of Immigration

lu yim, Pieces of Earth We Eat

Jordan Young, In the Wake

Lu Zhang, Walking Ten More Steps

Zones of Exclusion team: Tusia Dabrowska, Wiktor Freifeld, Nina Gielen, Maria Grewe; Zones of Exclusion


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Image Courtesy: Jasmin Chang and Kisha Bari of JCKB Studios (Queens Arts Fund Arts Access ’23), “Hey Neighbor NYC,” Photo Credit: Emily Schiffer for Hey Neighbor NYC