Announcing: NYSCA FY2022 Support for Artist and Support for Organization Awardees

Announcing: NYSCA FY2022 Support for Artist and Support for Organization Awardees
Jennifer Wen Ma, "Paradise Interrupted," Image Courtesy of Jennifer Wen Ma, "Paradise Interrupted"

NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship is honored to support these 36 NYSCA grantees who collectively raised $451,800 in grant funding!

Congratulations to the 36 NYFA sponsored projects and organizations that received a FY2022 New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) grant. NYSCA gives grants both to organizations and individual artists. NYFA’s Fiscal Sponsorship team supports these applications with comprehensive review of materials and feedback throughout the application process, and is honored to support these 2022 NYSCA grantees. Please join is in celebrating the accomplishments of these sponsored projects and organizations that collectively raised $451,800 in grant funding!

A photograph of the facade of the Brooklyn Public Library, a crowd seated on the plaza looking at two videos of dancers projected on the building.
Leslie Boyce, “Beauties- As Seen By Others And Then What Is,” at Brooklyn Public Library Plaza, Photo Credit: Never Conquered

FY2022 NYSCA Support for Artist Grantees: 

This grant supports the creation of new work by New York State artists through artist-initiated projects across a range of disciplines, for artists at all stages of their careers. Individual artists worked with NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship to submit a grant for project funding. 

Ruthie Abel, Above the Fold

Leslie Arlette Boyce, As Seen By Others / And Then What Is

Eric Corriel, Gyre

Clare Coss, Emmett Till, The Opera

Dylan Kai Dempsey, #Likes4Lucas

Natalie Dietz, Surrender

Sharon Greytak, CLEAR

Christopher Gude, Morichales

Michael Jacobsohn, The Cornelia Street Cafe in EXILE

Jennifer Karady, Plagued

Algis Kizys, radioOradio

Michelle Levy, PAULINA/The Promise

Honglei Li, The Stereotype

Jennifer Wen Ma, An Inward Sea: Oral History

Yasue Maetake, Contours of the Wind

Nadja Marcin, #SOPHYGRAY

Emma McCagg, Mr & Mr and Family

B Milder, JK Zine

Bundith Phunsombatlert, Mapping Fragments: History of Blue and White Porcelain

George Pozderec, DREISER

Ramón Rivera Moret, La dirección del cielo

Emily Rubin, HOLD ON: A Novel in Six Stories of a Six-Story Building

Joanne Schultz, Menopause: A Love Story

Mercedes Searer, Possible Worlds

Aida Šehović, Why Are You Not Here?

Yuko Torihara, Fusako

Alvin Tsang, When Home is Elsewhere

Maia Wechsler, A World Where Ballet…belongs to everyone

Chad Weckler, Creative-Exposure/Hudson

Two dancers in blue dresses grasp wrists with one arm outstretched, a singer in a burgundy jacket and musicians behind them in a church-like setting.
Leonardo Suarez Paz’s “PIAZZOLLA 100,” Photo Credit: Shannel Resto

FY2022 NYSCA Support for Organizations Grantees:

This grant supports programs for arts organizations across disciplines in support of NYSCA’s mission of connecting the arts to peoples’ lives through arts and cultural organization, and ensuring citizens of New York State have meaningful connections to creativity and cultural self-determination. 

Elina Alter, Circumference

Tiffany Bradley, Colored Criticism

Kobla Dente, Drumsongs

Angeline Gragasin, Happy Family Night Market

Ruth Greenstein, Turtle Point Press

Leonardo Suarez Paz, Leonardo Suarez Paz’s PIAZZOLLA 100

Bruce Williams, The Minerva Foundation for Figure Drawing Inc.

Photograph of a man in glasses and a white tee shirt on a boat on the water.
Image Courtesy: Alvin Tsang, “When Home Is Elsewhere”

About NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship

NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship allows individual artists and emerging arts organizations to raise funds using NYFA’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Since many grantmakers are only able to make grants  to non-profit organizations, applying to NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship expands your fundraising opportunities. NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship accepts out-of-cycle reviews year-round, as well as no-fee applications are accepted on a quarterly basis. Our next deadline is June 30. Click here to learn more about NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship to apply.

NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship’s quarterly no-fee application deadlines are March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31. We also accept Out-of-Cycle Review applications year-round. Reach out to us at [email protected] for more information. Sign up for NYFA’s free bi-weekly newsletter to receive updates on future programs.

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