Happening at NYFA

Jean Shin installing a work at Philadelphia Museum of Art

“Ask the Artists” Part 6: How Do You Connect with Your Larger Creative Community?

Hear from Jennifer Wen Ma, Sarah Hennies, Rupy C. Tut, Eva and Franco Mattes, Derek Fordjour, and more. Whether you are an individual artist who works alone or one who is actively collaborating with others, there is value to being part of, and contributing to, your larger creative community. The question of how to make…

Male performer with gesture sensor glove is drawing graphics in the air, and the resulting scrim of projected graphics is shown, behind the figure, within the blackbox theater.

Contracts 101: The What and Why of a Contract

We’re sharing insights from attorney Laura Levin-Dando’s “Intro to Contracts” course via CreativeStudy. Contracts are important business and relationship management tools for creatives—insurance in both the best- and worst-case scenarios. Learn more about them here in easy-to-understand terms from Laura Levin-Dando, Staff Attorney at Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts New York.  This post draws directly…

Keke Brown wearing a dark shirt with her hands restive over a black bar

Business of Art | Strategies for Submitting A Strong Performing Arts Application

What you need to know before submitting your next application, from interdisciplinary artist Pelenakeke Brown. Pelenakeke Brown, also known as Keke Brown, is a Samoan/Pakeha disabled artist from Aotearoa (New Zealand) whose interdisciplinary practice spans visual arts, writing, and performance. During her six and a half years living in New York City, Brown participated in…