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Keke Brown wearing a dark shirt with her hands restive over a black bar

Business of Art | Strategies for Submitting A Strong Performing Arts Application

What you need to know before submitting your next application, from interdisciplinary artist Pelenakeke Brown. Pelenakeke Brown, also known as Keke Brown, is a Samoan/Pakeha disabled artist from Aotearoa (New Zealand) whose interdisciplinary practice spans visual arts, writing, and performance. During her six and a half years living in New York City, Brown participated in…

Headshot of Lauren Slone over a white background

Business of Art | Navigating the Grant Application Process as a Performance Artist

These tips from Lauren Slone, Director of Grants and Research at the MAP Fund, will help you be more strategic when applying for grants. As the Director of Grants and Research at the MAP Fund, Lauren Slone, who is also an artist and an advocate, focuses her career on exploring “how resources move and how…

Image Detail: A brightly-colored painting with a flame-like burst of reds, yellows, and purples taking up half the image with a blue vine-like design around it. The background of the painting is distressed, and painted teal.

Business of Art | Job Hunting Strategies During the Pandemic

Proactive ways to approach the current job market from industry expert Maria Villafranca. We’re all in a unique and difficult job market—specifically in the arts. According to an August 2020 Brookings Institution report on COVID-19’s impact on America’s creative economy, an estimated 2.7 million creative jobs were lost due to the pandemic. While there are…