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Image: a man with a mustache and short dark hair holds one arm high in the air while the other is lowered, his hand close to his face. There is a blonde-haired paper bag puppet on the hand that is close to his face, and another puppet face visible in the crowd behind him. He wears a vest and tie, but does not appear to be wearing a shirt underneath as his arms are bare and shoulders visible.

The Advantages of Living in Smaller, Nimbler Cities

There is opportunity—and community—in cities that aren’t New York or Los Angeles. Hear how writer, editor, performer, and visual artist Karl Jones is realizing his creative visions in Tulsa, OK through the Tulsa Artist Fellowship. Karl Jones makes performance and visual work while writing and editing children’s literature for Penguin Random House. Originally from Tulsa,…

Headshot of Amani Olu with several publications on a table

Business of Art | 10 Steps to Protect Your Narrative as a Black Artist

“We must end the cycle of compromising our identities to participate in wealth production.” — Amani Olu Amani Olu, Founder and CEO of marketing agency Olu & Company, is, as stated in The Art Newspaper, an “art world multitasker.” This description is not an exaggeration. Olu is also the co-founder of Detroit Art Week, founder…

Image: A woman with dark long hair and eyes is seated against a brick wall that is painted white, hands on her knee. There is a potted plant to her left.

Business of Art | Strategies for In-Person and Online Direct Sales

Uprise Art Founder Tze Chun lends her expertise to artists seeking to proactively promote and sell their work. Entrepreneur and artist Tze Chun was a pioneer in recognizing the potential in online art sales, founding online gallery Uprise Art in 2011 to reach a new generation of collectors. The gallery now represents more than 150…