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Application Instructions: 5 Tips to Ensure Your Resume Gets Considered

Following the application instructions on a job listing can be crucial in determining whether or not your application is seen by the hiring manager. When employers include specific language about what they’re looking for in application materials, this is the first test to see if prospective employees read carefully and tailor their materials accordingly. Below…

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Beat the ATS: How to Get Your Application Seen by a Human Being

What is an ATS? ATS stands for applicant tracking system, which is a recruiting software that scans and matches resumes to job descriptions. You may recognize the names BambooHR, Bullhorn, or Greenhouse—all applicant tracking systems. When submitting your application online, you can look at the URL to see if one of those names or another…

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Career Goals: How to Align Your Job Search with Your Goals

Job hunting can be overwhelming. It’s easy to become discouraged when sending out lots of applications per day. To improve your search, it’s best to focus on only applying for jobs that you are serious about pursuing, and to use the interview process to confirm whether the opportunity is a good fit. The ideal outcome…