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Image Detail: Jack Elliott (Fellow in Craft/Sculpture '17); "Samothracae;" 2013; weeping willow; Photo credit: Robert Barker. "Samothracae" means "of the Greek island of Samothrace", most famous for the discovery of the "Nike" or "Winged Victory of Samothrace", in 1863 by a French archaeologist. The sculpture had only one wing and a partial chest but was reconstructed by the Louvre into the harmonized, hybridized whole we know of today, one of the museum's most prized artifacts. Unlike the Greek figure, this piece of wood is more transfigurational, where one form is emerging from the other through a process of rupture. Instead of being white, the artist’s piece is rendered in black by scorching the outer wood, transforming it away from the arboreal towards the humane.

Monday Motivation: Manage Expectations For How Long Your Job Hunt Will Be

Kick off your week with Monday Motivation! Tip of the week We all want to be hired immediately, but the reality doesn’t always match our expectations. The average job hunt lasts five to six months. Keeping this in mind will help minimize disappointment and maximize excitement if the process takes less time. This week’s highlighted…