Emergency Resources

NYFA’s Emergency Resources Directory is a centralized source of information for artists in the United States and its territories.

FOR ARTISTS Affected by 2023 and 2024 WEATHER DISASTERS

You and/or your organization may be eligible for FEMA assistance if you are located in an area designated under a presidentially-declared disaster. NCAPER has published An Arts Field Guide to Federal Disaster Relief, available free online (and by mail) in English and Spanish. The Field Guide was created to help demystify federal disaster relief for the arts and culture sector by helping artists and arts organizations see what’s available, understand clearly what isn’t available, and decide if pursuing federal aid is a good use of time.

Additional emergency resources for artists can be found at www.ncaper.org; in particular, if you are in an area affected by a widespread emergency, Response Information is available here.

Artists who’ve been affected may find assistance through a number of discipline-specific organizations, including the Entertainment Community Fund, MusiCares, and CERF+/The Artists Safety Net for craft artists.

Artists who experience personal hardship or who are impacted by a large-scale disaster, or who need funding for a last-minute opportunity, can find critical resources in this NYFA Emergency Resources Directory. Originally housed on the NYFA Source database, these resources are now included on NYFA’s website.


This page includes information about national and state-specific general emergency resources. We recommend Current Disaster Resources to find information after a major disaster or a severe personal hardship.


Many arts service organizations across the United States and its territories offer emergency financial assistance to artists. Find Emergency Grants for which you may be eligible.


Artists seeking emergency financial relief and advice can utilize Financial Resources to work towards financial stability.


Many organizations recognize that artists and creative freelancers have unique needs for health coverage, and so these organizations offer services especially for artists. Find these services, as well as general health resources, in Health and Insurance Resources.


As with health and insurance, artists often face unique challenges around affordable housing and workspace. These artist-specific and general Housing Resources can help.


A creative person may find times when they will need to research legal matters or seek advice. In Legal Resources, find organizations that offer assistance and information.


Artists, like the general population, should feel able to avail themselves of the support network that consists of various government benefits and non-profits. Visit Public Assistance to learn what is available.


Artists can take a range of steps to lessen the impact of any disaster that may occur, and that can ensure a quick recovery. Learn about these best practices for artists and arts organizations in Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity, and in this September 2023 blog, Emergency Preparedness: A 4-Step Action Plan.

Image: Swoon (Fellow in Architecture/Environmental Structures/Design ’13)