Arts Entrepreneurship


The Artist’s Creed: 10 Guiding Principles for Your Arts Career
We share advice from artists we admire on how to build sustainable careers, prioritize self-care, and get your work out there.

Tips for Writing and Talking About Your Work
Being able to speak and write about your work unlocks opportunities. Here, Brigitta Varadi, ChaNorth Residency Director and artist, walks you through the process of effectively writing and talking about your work.

Tackle Creative Block
Get advice from a range of multidisciplinary artists in NYFA’s community on how to beat, harness, or simply sit with and accept creative block.

Five Ways to Stake Your Claim in the Arts Ecosystem
Takeaways from the inaugural Art World Conference that can help you focus your creative energies to develop a more purposeful practice.

How Much Should I Sell This For? A Pricing Guide for Visual Artists
While there is no set way to price your art, this post offers tips from art world insiders that you can use to value your work. The expertise in this article is geared towards visual artists without representation.

Presenting Your Work Online
Artist and producer Jason Wyman on how to use video platforms to share and discuss work, home equipment recommendations, and technical trouble-shooting advice.

Online Studio Visits 101
How to prepare for and conduct online studio visits—courtesy of Heather Bhandari, co-founder of Art World Learning.

How to Thrive as a Mature Artist
We spoke with Carter Burden Gallery Director Marlena Vaccaro about the Gallery’s work with artists over 60 and her advice for mature artists and artists of all ages.

Strategies for In-Person and Online Direct Sales
Uprise Art Founder Tze Chun lends her expertise to artists seeking to proactively promote and sell their work.

How Does a Gallery Find Me?
A talk with Michael Findlay from Acquavella Galleries.

Writing Contests: Your First Step to Getting Paid to Publish
Writing contests are a great way to get your work published—whether you’re looking to publish a single poem, a short story, or a collection of your work. Submitting your work to contests takes work and patience, but once you’ve been published it can open doors to further publishing opportunities. 

How to Get Published and Find an Agent
NYFA Board Member Saïd Sayrafiezadeh, whose work has appeared in The New YorkerThe New York Times, and Granta, gives time-tested advice to emerging writers.

Writers on Publishing Part 1
Why knowing yourself, taking your time, and finding your community may be the key to your publishing success.

The Immigrant Artist Experience
Three writers⁠ and Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program participants—Ge Gao, Marwa Helal, and Ricardo Maldonado⁠—discuss their writing origins, tips for building community, and advice for newly immigrated writers.

How to Break Through in Classical, Jazz, and Contemporary Music
Eunbi Kim, a renowned concert pianist and NYFA Board Member, gives advice to women in the field and encourages a “no rules” approach to defining and achieving career success.

How to Monetize and Build Online Performance Projects
From content ideas to a breakdown of digital platforms and products, Krista Martins, dancer and founder of Wukkout!, walks you through the how-tos of monetizing your digital performance practice.

Wondering How to Break Into The World of Public Art? We’ve Got Answers.
Gain insights from an artist who’s been there, and from Program Managers who put art into NYC public spaces.

Top 9 Tips for Thriving in New York City
Tips and advice for working in the arts and navigating opportunities in New York City.

Artists: This Is What You Need to Know About Galleries
What it takes to build a good relationship between artists and gallerists.

How to Select an Artist Residency Program: Advice from Artist Rosemarie Fiore
Here’s what you should look for when you need to break away from your daily routine.


Where Should I Submit My Writing?
Writers share insights on how to decide which publications are the best fit for your writing.

Art Resources for People with Disabilities
A summary of disability-specific art organizations, advocacy groups and online resources.

Literary Submissions 101
Top tips for getting your work seen by editors and publishers.

Image: Pascual Jaime Sisto (Fellow in Digital/Electronic Arts ’17), All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, 2013