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The Arts Administrators Creed: 5 Guiding Principles for Your Arts Admin Career
Empowering advice from arts administrators nationwide on how to define and achieve success in your life and work.

How, Why, and When to Negotiate Salary
Whether you are an entry-level employee or a seasoned arts professional, learning how to negotiate your salary is a necessary skill to both increase your long-term earning potential and advocate for advancements in your career.

The Top 5 Job Interview Questions and Tips on How to Answer Them
Although you can’t predict all of the questions you will be asked, there are some go-to questions that job interviewers typically ask. Here are the 5 most common questions and how to answer them.

Application Instructions: 5 Tips to Ensure Your Resume Gets Considered
When employers include specific language about what they’re looking for in application materials, this is the first test to see if prospective employees read carefully and tailor their materials accordingly. Read this post to help ensure that you have followed directions to get your application read.

4 Steps to Building Robust Arts Programming in Rural Environments
How artists and art administrators are envisioning the future of creative education and community engagement beyond city centers, courtesy of David SniderExecutive & Artistic Director of the Hubbard Hall Center for the Arts and Education and author of Managing Arts Organizations, and Association of Arts Administration Educators. 

How To: Get Your First Job in a Gallery
We’ve gathered tips from Wendy Olsoff, Co-Owner of P.P.O.W Gallery, on how to secure your first job at a gallery.

What Writers Should Know about MFA Degrees, Teaching, and Carving Out Time for Their Work
Alexandra Chasin (NYFA Board, Fellow in Fiction ’12) spoke with NYFA about her creative career and working in academia. Read on for tips about how she approaches both, and how they can work together.

Disability Awareness Resources for Employers and Job Seekers
A round-up of tips for employers to help encourage applications from individuals with disabilities.

Best Practices for Creative Job Seekers
We share tips for finding new opportunities, utilizing NYFA Classifieds, and best practices for the application process.

Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Job Listings
This article lists the red flags job seekers should note in their search for a new position.

Resources for Teaching Artists
As a teaching artist, it’s important to participate in professional development workshops and seek new opportunities.

Cover Letter Tips for Art Administrators
Write a new and unique cover letter for every position you apply for.

Five Commonly Asked Interview Questions
Examples of key job interview questions and tips on how to approach your answers.

How To: Get a Job in Development
An overview of training and responsibilities for careers in nonprofit fundraising.

How To: Get Your Start in Dance
A rundown of career paths and resources for dancers.

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Image: Ronald A. Amstutz (Fellow in Performance/Multidisciplinary ’03)