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Web Design 101 for Artists and Creatives
From accessibility tips to content best practices: here’s what you need to know before creating your website.

Digital Marketing for Artists
How to align your digital marketing efforts with your artistic goals, from marketing specialist Molaundo Jones.

10 Steps to Protect Your Narrative as a Black Artist
Amani Olu, Founder and CEO of marketing agency Olu & Company, provides a 10-step approach that will help Black artists safeguard their narrative.

The Three C’s of Online Marketing
Your time is valuable, and determining your marketing strategy for your website, newsletters, and social media presence is personal to you and what you’re looking to achieve. However, there are three general principles that can guide you.

Five Ways to Boost Your Social Media Presence Now
Social media presents the opportunity to shape the narrative about who you are and what you do. These five tips can help you present your work authentically and engage your audience.

Susan L. Schulman on Publicity for Performing Artists
Susan L. Schulman, a theatrical press agent who draws on more than four decades of experience, graciously agreed to distill her years of experience into a few concrete pointers that the performing artist can utilize as they work to create and build an audience for their work.

Does Anybody Even Go to Websites, and What are Impressions?
This article gathers insights shared by Darcy Heusel, Vice President of Audience Engagement and Impact at NEON, on creating a strategic online presence for your film by utilizing websites and social media.

Marketing for Artists in the Digital Age
In this talk, arts marketing and communications professional Mara Vlatković provides insights on how artists can find and utilize the digital marketing tools that work best for them.

Interview with Marija Sajkas, Journalist and Media Expert
Journalist and media expert Marija Sajkas generously shares her insights about garnering media attention in the contemporary art world as well as tips and tricks to attain more coverage.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Artist Website
Your website is the ultimate conveyer of your brand. Experiment with different marketing strategies so that visitors return frequently.

Creating An Artist Website
The basics of building and marketing a successful artist website.


How to Create a Performing Arts Video Work Sample, Part 1:
Plan, then Shoot

The first installment of a thorough, three-part guide to performance documentation, written by Lisa Szolovits, NYFA’s Researcher, Online Resources/Communications.

How to Create a Performing Arts Video Work Sample, Part 2:
Your Video Is an Artifact 

The second essay in this series focuses on planning as a precursor to documenting a performance. Includes tips on videography, equipment, and equity contracts.

How to Create a Performing Arts Video Work Sample, Part 3:
Crafting the Sample
The final installment of the series offers tips for editing a compelling work sample that will engage viewers while still honoring the integrity of the original performance.

Image: detail Natalie Beall (Fellow in Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts ’17), Untitled (Index of Function), 2015