Live/Work/Exhibit Space

Making it Work Outside of New York City
This post provides tips on cultivating your creative practice and career outside of city limits, from developing your goals as an artist to connecting with your local creative community and more.

Cultivating Community through Residencies + Opportunities Round-Up
This article shares tips for connecting with fellow residents during and after an artist’s residency.

Pop-Up Spaces: Innovative Ways to Showcase Your Art
Brick-and-mortar galleries are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. In the face of rising rents and the growing dominance of online sales, pop-up galleries can be a good alternative. This article discusses the art of opening and running a pop-up from a legal and real estate perspective.

Sustainable Space: Partner Spotlight on ArtCondo
In this first installment of our #NYFAPartner series, ArtCondo presents an innovative solution to the challenge of rising rents for artists and creative workers: collective ownership.

Should I Join a Co-op Gallery?
This article addresses the pros and cons of this model for exhibiting work.

How to Select an Artist Residency Program: Advice from Artist Rosemarie Fiore
This article provides insight from NYFA Fellow Rosemarie Fiore.

Stay in New York: Workspace Resources for Artists
A summary of “Stay in New York: The Affordable Workspace Conference” with a list of workspace resources for artists in the New York City area.

Image: Rachel Granofsky (Fellow in Photography ’19), After/After, 2018