2022 Recipients

The NYC Women’s Fund for Media, Music and Theatre Fund is a signature initiative by The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) to address the underrepresentation of all who identify as women in the entertainment industries.

In 2022, finishing funds in the combined amount of $2 million were awarded to 89 music, theatre, film, and digital media projects led by artists who identify as women or coming from a female perspective. The 2021-22 cycle was the third round of a $5.5 million, three-year program funded by MOME and administered by NYFA.


Documentary Webseries

Miah Artola, Sky

Crackhead Barney, Crackhead Barney & Friends

Gretchen Hildebran, The People Vs. Austerity/El Pueblo Vs. Austeridad

Sauda Jackson, I DIGRESS: The Intimate Insights of a Childhood Weirdo

Nari Kye, Woori Show: Second Season

Sharon M. Levy and Crystal Johnson, Switching Lanes

Maria Palacio, The Fighter in US


Samah Ali

Bedatri Datta Choudhury

Alessandra Zeka

Documentary Short

Aisha Amin, Choir

Shelley Cheung Claudon, Laying the Last Track

Adetoro Makinde, In The Wake of Mourning

Brigid McCormick, Trashion

Marlo Poras, Icebreakers (working title)

Sarah Teale, Fogo Azul: A Powerful Noise

Kate C. Walker, Rise Root Revolution

Mimi Wilcox, The Sebastopol Siege


Anto Astudillo

Akosua Adoma Owusu

Den Quinsay

Documentary Feature

Nesa Azimi, Driver

Jean Carlomusto, Esther Newton Made Me Gay

Ilya Chaiken, Pretty Ugly – The Story of the Lunachicks

Marta Effinger-Crichlow, Little Sallie Walker

Chithra Jeyaram, Our Daughters (Working Title)

Alexis Neophytides, Dear Thirteen

Pola Rapaport, Addicted to life

Silvia Del Carmen Castaños, Estefanía Beba Contreras, Jillian Schlesinger, Miguel Drake-McLaughlin, Diane Ng, Ana Rodríguez-Falcó; Hummingbirds


Kathy Brew

Maria Cataldo

Nneka Onuorah

Chloe Walters-Wallace

Debra Zimmerman

Fiction Webseries

Sandie Cheng, Imposters

Eliana Hernandez-Pachon, Alzar la voz / Raise your

Aisha Jordan, #HashtagTheShow Season Two

Amanda Morris Hunt, Manda

Ana Mari de Quesada, Way Down

Erica Rose, Interested In, Season 2


Abbesi Akhamie

Jennifer Clark

Christina Raia

Fiction Short

Ifeyinwa Arinze, August Visitor

Beatrix Chu, Yu Under Water

Anne Hu, Lunchbox

Haisi Hu, Shopping For Love (working title)

Averi Israel, Sequin

Alexandra Kumala, The Prayer

Justine LaViolette, The Boat

Cameron Morton, Soft Landings

Nessa Norich, Jelly Bean

Wendi Tang, The Storm


Mahen Bonetti

Maggie Lee

Abbey Lustgarten

Courtney Muller

Naomi Munro

Fiction Feature

Jacqueline Christy, Magic Hour

Joy Jorgensen, Runner

Johanna Putnam, Shudderbugs

April Xiong, Sora


Emilia Ferreira

Judith Kenny

Aliza Ma

Classical/Jazz/Experimental/New Music

Sound Brown (formerly Julie Brown), Data and the Disciple: Vol. 1

Borahm Chay (Sita Chay), The Ritual of Le Sac

Silvie Cheng, CHORINHO: Music for Viola and Piano from Brazil

Alia Haju, Bassara

Shelley Hirsch, Her

Ella J Moore, KUNTRY

Meg Okura, The Jewbberish Folk Tunes

Sirintip Phasuk, Carbon

Tanner Porter, One Was Gleaming

Olivia De Prato, Panorama

Alicia Waller, Louder, Then

Nikara Warren, Cinematic Themes from Flatbush


Carla Cook

Martha Mooke

Mary Moreno

Mendi Obadike

Nina C. Young

General Music

Melis Aker, Jacinta Clusellas, and Tatiana Pandiani; AZUL

Brianna Barnes, Rathskeller: A Musical Elixir

Siyi Chen, New Shidaiqu

Funmilayo Chesney, FUSHA Kids

Ashni Dave, Where She Roots

Barbara Elysee, Steady Wins The Race

Queen Esther, Blackbirding

Markita J Ferguson, Black Orphan

Gisela Fulla-Silvestre (NOIA), gisela by NOIA

Ellie Kim, Queer Femme Love Music Video

Denice Dominique King, The 11th Hour

LADAMA, LADAMA’s Third, Full-Length Album (currently untitled)

Dianna Lopez, Metanoia (album title is still to be determined)

Yvette Massoudi, Noosh-e Jan (tentative title meaning “Bon Appetit”)

Adeline Petricien, Title Pending

Beareather Reddy, Beareather’s Rebirth

Valerie Seeley, SIGS on Seeley St.

Tracy Yang, Decoding Self _ Tracy Yang Jazz Orchestra album recording


Paula Abreu

Lora-Faye Åshuvud

Christal Jerez

Jennifer Le


Raquel Almazan, La Paloma Prisoner

Ars Nova Theater I Inc., (pray)

Becky Baumwoll, BKBXKids! Asks Why

Melody Brooks, How to Melt ICE (or How the Coyote fell in love with the lizard who was really a butterfly)

The Bushwick Starr/Michelle J. Rodriguez, PRESENCIA

Meghan Duffy, Invisible Women

Anne Hamburger, Behind Closed Doors

The Hearth, happy life

MJ Kaufman, Galatea

Loose Change Productions, Export Quality: Monologues Drawn from True Stories of Mail-Order Brides from the Philippines

Winter Miller, Spare Rib

Mélissa Smith, BLAST OFF to SPACE the SHOW (working title)

Soho Rep., Untitled Work(ing) for Whitney

Rachel Sullivan, Layer the Walls Part Two

The Tank and Caitlin Saylor Stephens, Modern Swimwear

Gayle Waxenberg, Inmate Dot Com


Melissa Crespo

Migdalia Cruz

Erin Daley

Laura Jellinek

Shayoni Mitra

Lauren Petty

Vickie Ramirez

Seret Scott

Lauren Weigel

Monica Williams

Image Credit: Courtesy the City of New York Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment