2023 Recipients

The NYC Women’s Fund for Media, Music and Theatre Fund is a signature initiative by The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) to address the underrepresentation of all who identify as women in the entertainment industries.

In 2023, finishing funds in the combined amount of $2 million were awarded to 97 music, theatre, film, and digital media projects led by artists who identify as women or coming from a female perspective. The 2022-23 cycle was the fourth round of a $7.5 million, five-year program funded by MOME and administered by NYFA.


Documentary Webseries

Rana Abdelhamid and Aziz Ramos, From Queens

Jackie Aude, The Comedians

Rose Lytle, Missing Sisters

Queer Futures, Queer Futures

Frieda Vizel, Discover Hasidic Brooklyn

Dolores Zorreguieta, I am an artist!


Samah Ali

Tiffany Joy Butler

Lydia Cornett

Luz Zamora

Documentary Short

Izabel Acevedo, Marlen and the Peter Pan Syndrome

Desireena Almoradie & Barbara Malaran, UNTITLED KILAWIN DOCUMENTARY

Maya Cozier, San Juan Hill: A NY Story

Imani Nikyah Dennison, They Said The People Can Skate (working title)

nancy ma; 有一天,你不在(One Day You are Not Here)

Luna X Moya, Greyfields

Vaishali Sinha, PERSIS


Melissa Friedling

Lana Lin

Ambreen Qureshi

Documentary Feature

Chelsi Bullard, Unfiltered

Steph Ching and Ellen Martinez (Directors), Slumlord Millionaire

Marisa Fox, My Underground Mother

Tami Kashia Gold, It’s Just a Job

Loulwa Khoury, We Never Left

Sandra Luckow, Vanishing: A Love Story

Alina Simone, Black Snow

Greta Schiller/Jezebel Productions, Love Letters (working title)

Ti Yu, Dissidents


Tina DiFeliciantonio

Kristen Fitzpatrick

Barbara Ghammashi

Cynthia Kane

Den Quinsay

Fiction Webseries

Katherine Allen, L’alphabête Noire

Marine Assaiante, MOM TO BE

Sofiya Cheyenne and Julie Wyman, How We Look

Jasia Ka, Girls Aren’t Funny

Courtney Peck & Nino Tandilashvili, Sweeps

K. “Kween Kash” Sarvis, Homegirl TV Show

JT Tsou and Katie North, Events at Hemlock Manor


Jennifer S. Clark

Le’Andra Le Seur

Claudia Zamora-Valencia

Fiction Short

KK Apple, The Launch

Stephanie Bencin, Greetings

Donna Di Novelli, WHEN LAST SEEN

Ar Ducao, The Great Tit is a Bird

Sophia Feuer, Flood Line

Maaa Film, There Were Trees

Cara Griffin, MY SAVIOR

Hivewild & Katherine Maxwell, a sigh of origin

Kathy Mitrani, Sombras Nada Mas (Nothing But Shadows)

Francesca Pazniokas, Dummy!

Catya Plate, Las Nogas

Alicia Ramírez and Izzy Stanish, Sam & The Universe

Sally Tran, Don’t

Raina Yang, Sink


Carolyn Funk

Ivone Margulies

Easmaine Michel

Naomi Munro

Nashwa Zaman

Fiction Feature

Meryl Branch-McTiernan of Ex Files Productions, Katie’s Mom

Clementina Ojie and Orire Nwani (Director), Love in Seclusion (working title)

Sarah G. Waldron, Flying Lessons

Rachel Wolther, The French Italian


Sharese Bullock-Bailey

Jessica Dunn Rovinelli

Emilia Ferreira

Classical/Jazz/Experimental/New Music

Shayna Dunkelman, NOMON

Amanda Ekery, Árabe

Suzanne Farrin, Macabea

Luna Composition Lab, Luna Composition Lab Fellows 2022–23 Premieres

Shoko Nagai, Forbidden Lotus

Angélica Negrón, Chimera

Numina Records/Miriam Elhajli, Khadija El Warzazia & Bnat El Houariyat

Bonita Oliver (AKA French Leave), AR Arias: Sojourner Truth

Jessica Pavone, Chamber concerto “Clamor” for string sextet and improvising bassoon soloist

Sofia Rei, Folk & Futurism

anna rg, SONGS of SICK-LAND

Lacy Rose, Lispector

Melvis Santa, Jazz Orishas; IYALOSHAS

Teodora Stepančić, Works for Ensemble by Teodora Stepančić


Cândida Borges

Elizabeth Hoffman

Cecilia Lopez

Fay Victor

Emily Wong

General Music

Ariana and the Rose, Ariana and the Rose Album #2 (working title)

Brittain Ashford, Hand Wringing/In The Wings

BETTY (Elizabeth Ziff, Alyson Palmer, Amy Ziff), Untitled

Bianca Bonetti (Director), Emu Haynes (Cinematographer), Natalie Barth (Artist and Performer), The Fvck Alone

Catherine Brookman/Sullivann; If a song fades out, it’s playing forever somewhere


Karina Daza, Viajera: Musica Sin Fronteras (Traveler: Music Without Borders) EP

Mizan K, Find Your Ruby

Grace Kim, Hypochondriac

Caroline Kuhn, Caroline Kuhn-Album

treya lam, otherland

Lourds Lane (Book/Music/Lyrics Writer and Violin-Playing Co-Star, SuperYou Musical), AND NOW I RISE–SuperYou Music Video

Moon Kissed, I’ll See You In NYC

The Narcotix, Dying

Joy Postell, At Ease

Jean Rohe, New Weather

Fatima Shaylin, La Reina Latina

Sabrina Song, Untitled


Sheri Barclay

Erika Elliott

Violette Furton

Jennifer Le

Amy Rigby


Nehprii Amenii of Khunum Productions, HUMAN

Atlantic Theater Company, TBA

Maria Camia, The Healing Shipment

Jeesun Choi, To the Ends of the Earth / 땅끝까지

Cayenne Douglass, Maiden Voyage

Salomé Egas, Más Que Un Pétalo (More than a Petal)

Epic Theatre Ensemble, ENEMIES

Alaina Ferris & Karinne Keithley Syers, Amanda+James; The Lydian Gale Parr

Pat Golden, Hyannis

HERE, Priestess of Twerk

Dena Igusti, First Sight: A Queer Indonesian Love Story

Kendra Jain and Sarah Shin, The Sitayana (or “How to Make An Exit”)

Yekta Khaghani (Playwright), Shadi Ghaheri (Director), and Diana Fathi (Dramaturg); You struck me with an ax, over and over, but there is no wound…only a sprout

Yvette Martinez, Director, One World Arts, Inc and ¡Retumba!; Titi Strikes Back – Evelina’s Return (working title)

Jennifer Miller/Circus Amok, Circus Amok Parks Tour

Nadira Simone, PLAY HERE [ ______ ]

The Classical Theatre of Harlem (Presenting Organization), Betty Shamieh (Playwright); Malvolio at Uptown Shakespeare in the Park

Marina Zurita, Riven


Mia Chung

Cynthia Flowers

Susan Haskins

Nidia Medina

Shayoni Mitra

Hanna Novak

Isabel Quinzaños Alonso

Martine Sainvil

Adrienne Williams

Monica L. Williams

Image Credit: Courtesy the City of New York Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment