Apply Now: NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship Out-of-Cycle Review

Apply Now: NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship Out-of-Cycle Review
Image Detail: Ibrahim Haidery, “Tentative Collective”

To help meet the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) grant deadline, we are offering Out-of-Cycle Review applications for NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship.

What is Fiscal Sponsorship? 

NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship is a fundraising and administrative tool available to U.S.-based artists and arts organizations in all disciplines. Fiscal sponsorship allows you to use NYFA’s 501(c)(3) charitable status to apply for grants and corporate sponsorship, in addition to offering individual donors the incentive of a tax deduction. 

What is NYSCA?

The New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) is dedicated to providing New York State-based artists and arts organizations with the resources to develop their work and connect with the public. 

A fiscal sponsor is required to apply to NYSCA FY2024 for Support for Artists grants.

By using NYFA’s Fiscal Sponsorship program, artists may apply for a $10,000 NYSCA grant to create new work in the following categories: 

  • Choreography Commissions
  • Composer Compositions
  • Film, Media, and New Technology
  • Folk and Traditional Arts
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Literature
  • Theater Commissions
  • Visual Arts

How does Out-of-Cycle Review work?

In order to help meet the NYSCA deadline, NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship offers an Out-of-Cycle Review application, with a deadline of Wednesday, June 7. There is an $175 administrative fee for applications and a turnaround period of two weeks. Fiscal sponsorship status must be acquired before applying to the NYSCA grant for many categories; please read the guidelines carefully.

Interested? Have questions? Please contact [email protected].

Not applying to NYSCA? NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship also accepts no-fee applications through our quarterly application deadlines. The next deadline is September 30. Click here to learn more about our fiscal sponsorship program and apply.

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