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Image: Sculpture by Jim Osman that was installed in the corner of a gallery space using an existing beam post. It spans the space with a wood truss that attached to a beam that is painted pink; the other end rested on a pseudo cabinet. Colorful boxes were arranged on top.

Conversations | Doing the Work: Writers Coming Together in Times of Crisis

Writers Ariana Brown, Francisco Gutierrez, and Marwa Helal define what it means to “do the work” and why it’s especially important now. As part of its ongoing effort to engage with literary artist communities in exciting new ways, NYFA Learning recently collaborated with PEN America to present “Doing the Work: Writers Coming Together in Times…

Image: A group of Black reenactors are pictured walking on grass and along a highway. They wear period dress from the early 1800s and carry weapons; some on higher ground are on horseback. A man in front carries a blue flag with a white emblem on it.

Conversations | Dread Scott on How He Charted His Own Path in the Art World

“I don’t have a dealer, but this work is influential, it’s important. I’m mostly concerned with having the art be something that influences and is part of dialogue.” – NYFA Board Member Dread Scott NYFA Board Member Dread Scott (Fellow in Sculpture ’01, Performance Art/Multidisciplinary Work ’05, Interdisciplinary Work ’12) makes revolutionary art to propel…

Image: a man with a mustache and short dark hair holds one arm high in the air while the other is lowered, his hand close to his face. There is a blonde-haired paper bag puppet on the hand that is close to his face, and another puppet face visible in the crowd behind him. He wears a vest and tie, but does not appear to be wearing a shirt underneath as his arms are bare and shoulders visible.

The Advantages of Living in Smaller, Nimbler Cities

There is opportunity—and community—in cities that aren’t New York or Los Angeles. Hear how writer, editor, performer, and visual artist Karl Jones is realizing his creative visions in Tulsa, OK through the Tulsa Artist Fellowship. Karl Jones makes performance and visual work while writing and editing children’s literature for Penguin Random House. Originally from Tulsa,…