Introducing New On-Demand Courses from NYFA Learning

Introducing New On-Demand Courses from NYFA Learning
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Build essential skills and gain insights from trusted arts industry experts in this learn-as-you-go platform for artists and cultural workers of all disciplines.

NYFA has launched new on-demand learning platform NYFA Learning to help artists and cultural workers of all disciplines to grow and evolve in their creative careers in their own time. The platform features two new interactive courses designed to help artists unlock creative opportunities: Mapping Your Creative Career and Writing About Your Work.

NYFA Learning is an extension of NYFA’s professional development programming for artists. The courses and content are available anywhere with internet access. The platform is informed by NYFA’s experience as a leader in the field:

  • Engaging 10,00 artists through professional development programming worldwide.
  • 50+ years serving artists of all disciplines—performing, literary, and visual.
  • 60+ leading arts organizations & universities have hired NYFA to bring this expertise to their community.
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The Courses

Both Mapping Your Creative Career and Writing About Your Work provide 2.5 hours of instructional videos, dynamic exercises, and quizzes. The individual courses are priced at $35 each or $50 for both as part of a special bundle offer.

Graphic that reads: "Mapping Your Creative Career" with an image of a large swooping installation of foam and fiberglass that resemble wings
Image Detail: David Henderson (Finalist in Craft/Sculpture ’20); “A History of Aviation;” 2010–2017; foam, fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluminum, plywood, dacron, paint; Photo Credit: Etienne Frossard. This iteration: Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY; 2011

Mapping Your Creative Career provides performers, musicians, writers, and visual artists with tools to help them evaluate where they are and where they want to go. They’ll create a customized career plan, walking away with next steps that reflect their vision.

Graphic that reads "Writing About Your Work," with an image of an individual with a pencil in hand, writing
Image Detail: Yusi Liu, part of the New Shidaiqu project (NYC Women’s Fund ’22, General Music), Photo Credit: Hratch Arbach

Writing About Your Work will help artists of all disciplines to develop an artist statement that effectively describes what they make, how they make it, and why they make it—enabling art professionals and supporters to understand and connect with their artistic practice.

The Instructors

Course instructors include NYFA Staff experts who are practicing artists and arts administrators, as well as industry professionals who bring unique insights to what it means to be an arts and cultural worker today.

NYFA Learning

These courses build on professional development programming that includes live workshops on essential arts career topics including Art Law, Marketing, Taxes, and Fundraising; and one-on-one Coaching sessions with arts industry experts on topics including Art Career Planning; Resume, Cover Letter, and Portfolio Reviews; Fundraising/Grant Writing Tips; Marketing Advice; and Leadership Development. 

NYFA’s professional development programs provide artists, creators, students, and arts administrators with tools, strategies, and advice for building sustainable careers. NYFA collaborates with organizations, academic institutions, and cultural partners to bring our programs to a broad range of national and international creative communities.

This program is part of NYFA Learning, which includes professional development for artists and arts administrators. Sign up for NYFA’s free bi-weekly newsletter to receive updates on future programs.

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