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Dream & Smile

Dream & Smile
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“Dream & Smile” is short indie drama-comedy based on a real story. It shows a day of a young woman Anna from Belarus in New-York. The viewer follows her on the way to work, home and dream of having a better life. It is a story about one person, but at the same time about millions of people having a similar experience – difficulties immigrants face, self-realization issues, loneliness, happiness, and hope.


The main goal is to reach and support undeserved audiences like ethnic minorities and women, to pay attention to their problems and to show importance of cultural diversity.

All the team members of “Dream & Smile” are of different nationalities, ages, and gender. New York the place that might be considered as the world center of various cultures and their representatives. The main protagonist is a young girl from Belarus, there will be another young character but from Kazakhstan, as well as a Jewish man, Americans and a man from East Europe. All these people were raised in different societies and even countries, they are men and women, young and old, now living in one city and making it the way it is – bright, big, and unique. Our diversities make the world works, our diversities are the world.

There are things about women, which will be most likely impossible or just hard for men to show and describe because they have never experienced that. Like female gender socialization, pregnancy, and many others. We haven’t had much opportunity to tell our stories and I want to make my contribution.

My story should be told because it applies to a sort of problem, like the Female Body Sexualization. Many reasons why women become exotic dancers like our protagonist Anna. The overriding motivation is to make money. The more attractive is a dancer, the more income she will get. Beauty and sexuality act as currency in this profession. As long as a woman can "sell" herself, she is capable of becoming an exotic dancer. Stripping dancing still exists, dancers are still abused, the job is still stigmatized and women’s bodies are still being sexualized objects. I’d like to help the audience being empathic and then motivate them from empathy to action on women’s rights issues.


The film’s script is based on a real story, which makes it more vivid, and it covers following important topics:

● Immigration. There are millions of people all over the world moving from the Motherland to other states searching for a better, more interesting life. The experience all of the immigrants have is different but there are many similar difficulties.

● Sex work. I’d like to pay attention that this profession still exists, women’s bodies are still being viewed primarily as an object of male sexual desire.

● Self-realization should be fulfilled as well as any other need. Sometimes there is no chance to do what people want when there is no one to share an idea with when there is no possibility to connect the internal world with an external one.

● ethnicity diversity/cultural exchange. It's not only about the screenplay but also about the team: the scenarists are women from Belarus and Russia and all the other team members are of different nationalities, ages, and gender. DREAM & SMILE's action does take place in a specific region, a specific city - New York the place that might be considered as the world center of various cultures.

● Women/Youth Voice's. Even though we live in the 21st century and feminism seems to be one of the most popular are regularly used words in developed countries, women still need more rights and the opportunity to say and cover the topics not mentioned enough before.

● Social Justice. About this one I would like to talk after you will see my movie! I have to have some secret, isn't it?

These issues have been discussed quite often over past years but they are still important and worth attention. Making this film will help to show these problems still exist, as well as support people in similar circumstances and open a dialog on how to change the situation with sex workers for example.

A timeline reflecting planning and implementation of the project looks like next way:


 List of planned activities


Developing stage

January-March, 2019


Pre-production (budgeting)

April-June, 2019


Pre-production (preparing for crowdfunding)

July-August, 2019



September-December, 2019


Pre-production (script breakdown, creating prop list, budget allocation, locations scouting, crew & cast searching, scheduling, lock shooting days)

January-May, 2020



May-September, 2020



October-December, 2020





We already start promoting, publicizing and disseminating the project since that was a job during my crowdfunding campaign.

Here is budget allocation:​

1,9% ($500) - NEW!  Green set (recycling service)​

2% ($550) - Transportation (parking, taxis, van)​

2,5% ($700) - Script (story, rights)​

3,9% ($1200) - Craft Services​

4,3% ($1300) - Insurance​

5,8% ($1785) - Cast (9 actors)​

5,8% ($1785) - Extras​

6,3% ($1925) - Producer (budget (pre-production), production)​

6,9% ($2100) - Locations​

7,2% ($2200) - Post - production (editing, music, coloring)​

25,5% ($7800) - Miscellaneous (props, wardrobe supplies, camera & light rentals, hard drive (DIT), contingency) ​

28,3% ($8640) - Crew (AD, PA's, Art Director, Costume Designer, HMUA, DP, AC, Grip, Gaffer, Sound)  


During the last 4 month next changes have taken places:

  • $5,565 were received from 166 backers on Indiegogo platform (people from the U.S., Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and New Zealand supported the campaign):

  • Casting is done;
  • The sound production is in progress:

What is in the plans:

  • learning distribution process;
  • applying for grants;
  • business cards/postcards distribution on all possible events;
  • applying for festivals;
  • involve celebrities in distribution campaign.

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