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Narrative Justice Project

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Narrative Justice Project
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The Narrative Justice Project creates new space to connect voice, story, and justice.


The Narrative Justice Project is an initiative with workshops for writers, poets, and lawyers to present works-in-progress at the intersection of justice and voice; and interdisciplinary publication of narrative justice thought and scholarship.

The ultimate purpose is to connect two fields meant to be studied in parallel. When judges are unable to find a case or law review article to support a new decision, they at times turn to literature. When a poet creates, it is at times in relation to an experience caused by law or policy. There should be a space where literary artists and legal scholars can learn from each other, providing support and constructive criticism of each other’s works.

One goal is to create a body of narrative justice work for interdisciplinary teachers, artists, practitioners, and scholars to access, as they think critically about what it means to create, teach, read, and reflect on literature that defines or expresses identification with law and policy.

There will also be Lost and Found collectives, for small groups to share compressed works of narrative justice.

Thank you for your support and collaboration.

Sincerely, Geeta Tewari

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