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Other People

Other People
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  Other People wants to know: How is your place haunted?


Other People is a psychedelic video, installation, and performance collaborative that tells an outlandish story about Brooklyn and beyond. The core of the project centers around a 6 part video series, currently unfolding at www.otherpeeps.com, in which three ugly roommates must struggle to survive in a loft space where anything can happen. 


Janky, handmade, and purposefully lo-fi, Other People employs greenscreens, giant puppets, live performance, collaborative installations, and outlandish costumes all made by local artists to explore an ever-shifting definition of family and place.

The story began in Brooklyn, but during the second half of the narrative, Other People will be embarking from our home to take the story on a punk-circus inspired road trip. We will be collaborating with local communities while teaching, exhibiting and creating work that is directly inspired by the people and places we encounter.

We are currently seeking funding to support the creations of parts 4, 5, and 6, which will chart our journey across the United States and then to foreign shores, where we will explore how other places and other people will change our narrative and our experience.

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