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The Immigrant Artist Biennial

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The Immigrant Artist Biennial
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The Immigrant Artist Biennial (TIAB) is a multi-disciplinary large scale exhibition of critically engaged and timely international contemporary art made by immigrant artists from around the world. To be presented in New York City every two years, TIAB sets out to form a worldwide community through exhibition of ambitious visual multimedia projects, performances and series of public events, with an aim to facilitate a diverse and experimental discourse as well as build a globally connected and united community in the times of extreme anti-immigrant sentiment.


At the time of unrest, discrimination and exclusion, The Immigrant Artist Biennial seeks to establish urgent and innovative dialogue between artists and audiences on a global stage. Created and directed, by Immigrant Artist, Curator, Organizer and Educator, Katya Grokhovsky, TIAB seeks to create a platform for exchange and presentation of projects by often overlooked and silenced voices. The first iteration of the project is planned to be presented in the Fall/Winter 2019/2020 in New York City and will begin with 30-50 selected local, national and international Immigrant artists.

The selection will be based on the premise of artists being born outside of the USA and the country where they currently live and will focus on equal gender and race representation, highlighting the inequality and bias which is still prevalent in the art world today. The premier presentation of The Immigrant Artist Biennial will be conceptualized around the theme of otherness, separation and alienation and will select artists who work in difficult to define mediums, outside of the commercial market, such as interdisciplinary works, performances, installations, ephemeral mediums, sound, sculpture, video, digital and virtual technologies, text, book art, public art, etc.

TIAB is designed to attract a diverse audience, both within the existing artworld networks and broader immigrant and multicultural communities nationally and internationally. The future goal of the project is to expand to a multi-venue series of exhibitions and events with larger number of artists and several curatorial teams, as well as presentation of art made by seminal historically significant and known immigrant artists, who greatly contributed and built the American and Global art and culture as we know it today.

Image: Yali Romagoza, Normal is Good: I like America and America Likes Me, video still, 2016

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