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Duty, Honor, Country

John Kenney

Duty, Honor, Country - The stories of America's Veterans forgotten by their fellow Americans and abandoned by the government that sent them to fight.

"Duty, Honor, Country" is going to be the most revealing and comprehensive documentary on America's Veterans ever produced.

The mission of "Duty, Honor, Country" will be to inform the general public about the broken VA system and the crisis facing America's Veterans.  There is a potential audience of 49 million Veterans and family members, plus millions of other viewers who care about America's Veterans.

These Veterans are America's children.  For some, they are your children but let us never forget they are the sons and daughters of America and they must be cared for.

One measure of a Nation's character is how well it takes care of its Veterans.

In our film, we will meet soldiers who are permanently injured, mentally disabled; grieving widows, Congressional advocates; Congressional leaders in denial; Veteran organization supporters; all players in this on-going story of America's Veterans.

The documentary will address Veterans who have served in conflicts from WW II to Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.  It will  includes a range of issues: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), suicide, homelessness, disability and medical benefits.