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Everything Will Be Here

Eric Corriel

This project is about exploring the dynamic between climate change and natural geologic change.


For all the attention the issue of climate change has received, for most of us it still remains an abstract issue that resides somewhere far away, both temporally and geographically.  While some may identify climate change with polar bears, melting ice caps, floods in Pakistan, or future water shortages in the Middle East, most people do not have a sense of these things becoming a reality in their own backyards, in their own lifetimes.  This project has two goals: 1) provide support for the notion of climate change by rendering its abstract ideas into concrete experiences, and 2) challenge the notion of climate change by implying a sense of geologic inevitability.

At the end of the day, this project brings climate change, in any of its forms, into people's backyards, today.