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Revelations in Music Exploration

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Revelations in Music Exploration
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As we traverse the ages of music we notice definitive Metamorphosis. I am here at an auspicious time in history that has allowed me to assimilate all these significant events of the ages…and then “morph” into century 21…hence… Revelations in Music Exploration New Theory New Music for the 21st Century Howard Prince and the Music Coalition








                    Revelations in Music Exploration
            New Theory New Music for the 21st Century 
                 Howard Prince and the Music Coalition    


How many times in the course of human history has music undergone transformation heralding a change in tonality, melodic and harmonic structure, or a change in modality affecting radically what you hear?  

Well, The Church outlawed the use of the tritone interval during the Gregorian period. This led to our “Church” modes, whereupon all composers since have created music by the conjugation of the “Church” modes: Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, etc. Much of our music today is still based on this methodology.  

All of this has been challenged by the great century of the American composers, the 20th century. At it’s beginning we heard “The Rite of Spring” – Stravinsky, Arnold Scheonberg’s 12-tone serialism, and George Russell’s Lydian Chromatic Concept…a complete 180 degree departure from the Church. Russell’s journey into proving the strength of the tritone, the Lydian mode over the Ionian (our normal major scale), was one that was scoffed at, and did isolate him for a period of time.  

His ground breaking work, along with many others, brought forth this new brave world in music. Free thinkers such as Schoenberg, Hindemith, Carter, Boulez and Stockhausen created languages that have proliferated into the 21st century, and have become the inspiration of the avant-garde.  

I believe that my new work has broken this unique ground. My new theoretical ideas entitled “Complex Structure” and “Transitions” along with my conjugations of the 49 pentatonic scales have never been recorded nor utilized by any composer to-date. To say it succinctly, no musician/composer has ever heard, nor conceptualized this. You & I will be the first!  

Back in the day, I performed with these 20th century greats, The Horizon Series at Lincoln Center (cir. 1980’s), creating this new vision.  

I now propose to you a way to participate in the creation of musical history, having the opportunity to be the first organization to be responsible for the birth of a “new music”, the birth of a new sound through groundbreaking theoretical discipline.  

I look forward to working with you.  


Howard Prince