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Ogechi Echebiri

“BeSpoken!” is an innovative production slated for August 2012 fusing runway fashions with modern dance technique.

Fusing the confidence of the runway with the passion of dance, “BeSpoken!”, under the choreographic direction of Iquail Johnson (founder of Dance Iquail), conveys the latent and suppressed power of both man and woman. Magnifying human battles with self-image and self-doubt through vignettes utilizing the Horton and Afro-Modern dance techniques, this journey of fashion, movement, and music will stimulate dialogue amongst youth and adults with the hope of empowering them to reject self-deprecating attitudes and ideas.  

Established and emerging fashion designers residing in New York City will administer the fashion designs that will be enlivened by selected dancers. A delicate balance of R&B, hip-hop, funk, house, instrumental, rock, and poetry will serve as the glue to fuse the elements of fashion with dance. Ultimately, beauty and pain will be juxtaposed to both captivate and inspire our audiences.