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Exposing Politics: A Play of Acts Tour

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Exposing Politics: A Play of Acts Tour
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The mission of Exposing Politics: A Play of Acts Tour is to provide free high quality play performances to economically disadvantaged youth at US college venues. Oscar Sanders style of spoken word poetry-which entails changes of inflections, impersonations of celebrities, cultures, improvisations, and interesting facial features with music.



The mission of Exposing Politics: A Play of Acts Tour is to provide free high quality play performances to economically disadvantaged youth at US college venues  

The Facts:

Literary and performance art/theater have influences on children, and youth that reveal itself in the present and as a foundation for a productive workforce of the future.

  1. 96% of elementary schools don’t offer theater (US Dept of Education)
  2. 99% of Superintendents say dramatic arts builds creativity
  3. 97% of Superintendants say creative writing builds creativity
  4. 72% of business leaders say that creativity is the number one skill they are seeking when hiring
  5. In 2008, African American and Hispanics students had less than half the access to arts education than white peers
  6. Low income students who are highly engaged in the arts are twice as likely to graduate college as their peers with no arts education

Conclusion: For students in the United States, literary-creative arts and theater is a major builder of character, ingenuity, and work ethic for eventual adulthood as opposed to those less-to-non engaged in the arts

Exposing Politics is a sponsored project of New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). NYFA is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization founded in 1971 to work with the arts community throughout New York State and the United States to develop and facilitate programs in all disciplines. NYFA will receive grants on behalf of Exposing Politics, ensure the use of grant funds in accordance with the grant agreements, and will provide program or financial reports as required.

Contributions on behalf of the Exposing Politics must be made payable to New York Foundation for the Arts  (NYFA). Contributions can also be given with a credit card online.

The play performance will be followed by a playwright Q&A. This project begun its maiden voyage with an off off Broadway production run this past August and scheduled performances through the beginning of 2018.

Planned venues are: Virginia Commonwealth University, Howard University, Florida A&M University, and Jackson St. University. Our goal is to eventually reach as many college venues to share our educational entertainment. We want the world that is listening and motivated to be involved in a theatrical societal initiative unlike any other. Power structures are attempting to roll back all our significant gains toward equality and anti discrimination. 
However, we can't achieve our goal without your financial contribution. To get on the road and begin it’s going to take a grand total of $31,169.25 to realize our goal and begin this tour. We are ready to affect the process of closing the gap between power and the uninformed and energize social empowerment to affect discrimination and inequality. A budget breakdown is as follows:

  1. Rehearsal Space ($75.00 per hr x 10) $750.00
  2. Theater Rentals (4) venues $11,361.25
  3. Cast & Crew salary $9,200.00
  4. Travel/Lodging/Meals $4,100.00
  5. Playbills for (4) venues $1,260.00
  6. Banner/Fliers (4) venues 1,978.00
  7. Cast & Crew polo shirts (4) $120.00
  8. Drums shipment to 4 venues $2,400.00 (based on prior shipment by UPS from NY to Las Vegas $300.00 one way (4 round trips )


Grand Total: $ 31,169.25

Exposing Politics: A Play of Acts (all political) is a social justice spoken word play. With faux CNN’s Wolf Blitzer style “Breaking News” video clips that embellish the poetry of politics-political politics in spoken word poetry form. This story is told through the eyes and voice of Midge "Buddy" Fletcher (actor/spoken word performer/actor) a Broadway theater janitor who is always tempted to take to the stage and tell their stories and political opinions 
Oscar Sanders… Midge "Buddy" Fletcher….aging retiring Broadway theater janitor/spoken word performer 

"Exposing Politics is a poignant meditation of the troubling state of American politics"

-Playwrights Horizon

Its education and theatrical entertainment.





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