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Exposing Politics: A Play of Acts Tour

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Exposing Politics: A Play of Acts Tour
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A touring national/global two man play Exposing Politics: A Play of Acts Tour, to create interactive engagement of dialogue and about the societal inequality of race, politics, student debt, educational inequality, discrimination, immigration, bigotry, child abuse, police brutality, and climate change that spawns local and much larger initiatives toward change of pre-existing norms. Oscar Sanders style of spoken word poetry-which entails changes of inflections, impersonations of celebrities, cultures, improvisations, and interesting facial features with music.


RE: Exposing Politics: A Play of Acts Tour 

How do you feel when you watch the news? Depressed, frustrated, disgusted, angry, or just drained? If you could make it all go away would you?

Hello, I'm Oscar Sanders and I am excited to announce that as a award winning author and poet has written a social justice spoken word play entitled Exposing Politics: A Play of Acts (all political). This play is much more than just entertainment. It's a vehicle to produce discussion and stimulate individual interest and personal involvement through: education, awareness, fundraising, and advocacy to be a catalyst for change. The targeted areas include: mounting college and university tuitions, career sustaining jobs, social and criminal justice reform, government accountability, civic involvement, immigration, LGBT, domestic violence, anti discrimination, child abuse, human rights, and get out the vote initiatives.

At the completion of the plays performance, a Q&A with the playwright and cast commences to create interactive engagement and answer some of the questions the audience may be struggling with.Exposing Politics is a sponsored project of New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). NYFA is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization founded in 1971 to work with the arts community throughout New York State and the United States to develop and

facilitate programs in all disciplines. NYFA will receive grants on behalf of Exposing Politics, ensure the use of grant funds in accordance with the grant agreements, and will provide program or financial reports as required.

Contributions on behalf of the Exposing Politics must be made payable to New York Foundation for the Arts  (NYFA). Contributions can also be given with a credit card online.

Our mission to reach out for support in the form of corporate, organizations  as well as grassroots contributions and donations and sharing of this vital information to all those like-minded entities and individuals who understand that social change is never created in a bubble or vacuum. There is a grassroots component to our mission as well. Therefore, it is this intent that I reach out to you to create a branding of our interests and concerns to become bolder and stronger TOGETHER to assist the underserved to be heard and achieve results that ultimately improve the quality of life for all affected by social political injustice and strive for better lifestyle.
The play performance will be followed by a playwright Q&A. This project begun its maiden voyage with an off off Broadway production run this past August and scheduled performances through the beginning of 2018.

Prior funding was provided in the form of $1,000.00 from the Puffin Foundation, LTD for our February 24, 2018 Black History Month play performance at the Bronx Library Center.
We began the journey of soliciting funding in April 1, 2018 This tour is a 4 university undertaking with ongoing fundraising to extend the tour beyond 4 city tour kicking off Feburary 2019. This tour is ongoing so, we plan to visit more colleges, universities, and other public venues besides the four mentioned above in this proposal before our tour is complete. Planned venues are: Virginia Commonwealth University, Howard University, Florida A&M University, and Jackson St. University. Our goal is to eventually reach as many venues of all kinds to share our educational entertainment. We want the world that is listening and motivated to be involved in a theatrical societal initiative unlike any other. Power structures are attempting to roll back all our significant gains toward equality and anti discrimination. 
However, we can't achieve our goal or the assistance our partnership can provide to the listed issues without your financial contribution. To get on the road and begin it’s going to take a grand total of $31,169.25 to realize our goal and begin this tour. We are ready to affect the process of closing the gap between power and the uninformed and energize social empowerment to affect discrimination and inequality. A budget breakdown is as follows:


  1. Rehearsal Space ($75.00 per hr x 10) $750.00
  2. Theater Rentals (4) venues $11,361.25
  3. Cast & Crew salary $9,200.00
  4. Travel/Lodging/Meals $4,100.00
  5. Playbills for (4) venues $1,260.00
  6. Banner/Fliers (4) venues 1,978.00
  7. Cast & Crew polo shirts (4) $120.00
  8. Drums shipment to 4 venues $2,400.00 (based on prior shipment by UPS from NY to Las Vegas $300.00 one way (4 round trips )


Grand Total: $ 31,169.25



This play is for our times. With a new administration and all the bells and whistles in flux, Exposing Politics: A Play of Acts (all political) puts this in flux political atmosphere in context and perspective. With faux CNN’s Wolf Blitzer style “Breaking News” video clips that embellish the poetry of politics-political politics in spoken word poetry form. This story is told through the eyes and voice of Midge "Buddy" Fletcher, an aging Broadway theatre janitor who is always tempted to take to the stage and tell this story and political opinion to an audience he has no idea is listening. Exposing Politics reports the horrors of American politics in the form of poetry in a serious, comical, and entertaining way.

The intentional audience interaction by me, allow the audience to feel closer to the content and me as the catalyst and conduit of the poetry, as well as their time and attention. It’s directed in a style to give the audience the optimum opportunity to experience political poetry in a brand new style. I am always available to discuss this play.

Character Breakdown:

Oscar Sanders..Midge "Buddy" Fletcher….aging retiring Broadway Theater Janitor/Spoken word performer

Naqaash Dorrell…”Butterfly”…aging retiring co-worker/Percussionist/Harmonica

Brief Bio:

Oscar Sanders is a multiple award winning author Indie Author Legacy Award Poet of the Year 2017, Best Jazz History Documentary New York Jazz Festival 2017, (NAACP NYCHA JUST READ AWARD 2016 Fiction/Final Hearing, LA, LA NEO NOIR, FILM, & Script Festival 2016 Fiction Final Hearing), Jazz documentaries Billy Bang: Long Over Due (Carmarthen Bay FF 2013 Best Documentary, Capital City Black FF 2013 Best Documentary, Los Angles New Wave IFF 2013, Texas Underground FF 2012, Peoples Film Festival Best Documentary 2012), and seething feature political poetry spoken word performer, and event host of festivals and book fairs.  Anders Griffen, of the New York Jazz Record said about Mr. Sanders’ latest film jazz doc Michael Carvin: No Excuses (Official Selection The People’s FF 2017 (released 5/1/17), “The tour of Manhattan performance venues is fabulous…the story is strong and by the end, one feels the collaboration between the musician and filmmaker.” New Voices in Theater feature play performance (November 9, 2017), Thirty day creative residency (December 2017) at Jamaica Center for the Arts & Learning culminating with a theatrical “First Friday series performance Janurary 5, 2017,  Bronx Book Fair 2017/2018 host/facilitator of poetry segment Weaving our Voices, and Speed Coaching, New York Screenplay Awards 2016, and 2017 Jury Member.

Production History

New York Theater Festival SummerFest 2017 August 24, 26, 27 2017 @ Hudson Guild Theater NYC

First Friday series Janurary 19, 2018 @ Jamaica Center for the Arts & Learning NYC

Black History Month February 24, 2018 Bronx Library Center NYC

Brownsville Heritage House May 4, 2018


Oscar Sanders

Playwright/poet/author /filmmaker




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              PLEASE SUPPORT!