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Deployed is a new musical that features the first-time combat experiences of an 18-year-old U.S. Army private in the Iraq War and the battles he and his fellow soldiers face transitioning to civilian life post-deployment. Deployed highlights the impact of deployment on soldiers' families, based on the first-hand experience of Writer/Composer Natalie Lovejoy.


The American civilian population is, for all practical purposes, disengaged from the military service. The recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have highlighted this disconnect, as the day-to-day life of the average American has not been affected by the fighting and bloodshed in these engagements which began more than 10 years ago.  There presently is a deep chasm of understanding between those Americans that voluntarily enlisted in the military and served tours of duty in these two wars (with the resulting physical and psychological wounds) and those Americans who remained at home. Deployed offers a bridge for this chasm - by providing a candid and compelling glimpse into these theatres of war and their aftermath, in a way that is uplifting, educational, and memorable.

The potential audience is wide in scope, and can be broken into three categories: 1. Veterans; 2. The military community; and 3. The civilian community. Veterans involved in the show will gain professional career development in the performing arts and benefit psychologically and emotionally. The military community will view an authentic representation of their wartime and post-war experience, which will be encouraging and empowering because their story is accurately and fairly presented. The civilian community will learn about the military deployment experience, and the ultimate sacrifices made by the individuals who voluntarily enlist and serve, through a captivating, compelling, melodic, and uplifting narrative.

Funding is needed to:

- produce future productions (regionally and in New York)

- attract producers, and

- to tour Deployed to Army bases, which would involve U.S. Army veterans in all production aspects and be filmed as a documentary

To read a full synopsis of the show, listen to demos, and more, please visit

Thank you in advance for your support.

"We fully support and promote Ms. Lovejoy's Deployed and feel that the piece is solid and ready for success. However, funding is needed to take this show to the next level. The piece is relevant not only to military audiences but to all theatergoers. Everyone in America should see Deployed, and we believe that with further development and partnership, they will."

Neath Williams
Navy Corpsman and OIF Veteran
CEO and Co-founder of the Society of Artistic Veterans

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