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Peace Caravan follows Marla Mossman's Silk Road journey traveling solo from Israel to China documenting places of historical and religious significance.


Special thanks to the Sugarbarker Foundation for their donation of $4,700.00 in support of The Peace Caravan Project.



The Peace Caravan Project follows photographer and artist Marla Mossman as she travels solo along the ancient Silk Road from Israel to China by car, foot, horse, mule and camel documenting places of historical and religious significance. The Silk Road is a series of intersecting caravan trails originating in Xi’an, China traversed Central Asia, crossed the lowlands of Mesopotamia to Jerusalem and the Mediterranean, and ultimately to Rome.

Along these paths, merchants laden with silk from China, spices from India and furs from Kazakhstan exchanged goods and ideas. The Silk Road’s significance to religion is not just a commercial “conduit along which religions hitched rides”.  

The Peace Caravan Project aims to nourish the principles of international co-operation, exchange cultural values, share understanding of the environment, and foster the equality of all peoples including women and children.

ABOUT MARLA MOSSMAN, Founder / Executive Director:

Marla is an international photographer, artist and poet who has traveled extensively documenting the human condition for over 20 years. Born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised and educated in Canada, she currently resides in New York.
Avidly interested in promoting arts and education, Marla began the Peace Caravan Project in 1996. She is the co-founder of ImagineAsia, a non- profit organization whose mission is to provide education and healthcare to rural Asian communities. Marla has been to the Silk Road region five times, most recently to China where she departed from Xi'an to Kashgar traveling the Northern and Southern protions of the Silk Road that circle the Taklamakan Desert.


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Please support this documentary project which looks at cultures under siege. Your help continues the cross - cultural outreach to prevent the spread of prejudice. By informing others about the people along the Silk Road, out of the mainstream, of history, going about their daily lives.

Your support makes all of this possible by helping to expand the Peace Caravan's mission by forwarding this link so that we can get the required funding to keep going, exploring, expanding and photographing for this documentary project.

*Thank you for your interest in the Peace Caravan Project.