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"In this carefully coordinated book, the talents of wordsmith, Ghosthorse and the contemporary art of Lilien venerate the power of the butterfly and wind and invite all to the spiritual consciousness of not only the Lakota but all who can remember an ancient reverence to Maka Ina (Mother Earth)."


Artist Jadina Lilien  Writer Tiokasin Ghosthorse

In Indian Country in South Dakota, when the sun sets, butterflies fly fearlessly into the wind. The pressure against these fragile beings prevents them from moving forward until they seem to decide to let the wind take them, surrendering to the force; the chaos; the unknowing. This brings them finally towards their destination.

With Tiokasin Ghosthorse’s interpretive words and Jadina Lilien’s images this art book visits the land of the Lakota with its multiple dimensions, the plains today and the remembered history of the Indians.

The combination of words and images goes beyond the literal story of the Lakota, to the mystical reality where there is no beginning or end, just circles within circles. Like cave walls stamped with the story of the heart, this book is a land of whispered secrets. Marking a place of visions, dreams, and memories. The reality behind the reality.

The words of Ghosthorse will bring you closer to the world that is beyond this one and the art of Lilien allows an entry to more vision than a photo. You will turn these pages slowly, over and over until you find yourself a part of the power of the butterfly and the wind."  Lois Red Elk (Reed) Author of Our Blood Remembers and Why I Return to Makoce

Book Signing October 2016 at The Earth Ethics Center in New York City.

Your donations go to the continued printing of the books, also so that they can be given for free to the schools. They also need funding for the continued cost of production and to bring Tiokasin Ghosthorse and Jadina Lilien with other guests to speak about the Indigenous Cosmology, that reflects the wonder and awe of the Mystery and how to live this Sacred Way in ordinary life.


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