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SENZA FRONTIERE is dedicated to films that embrace our common humanity.


SENZA FRONTIERE / Without Borders, is dedicated to show films that embrace our common humanity. We are all caught in political, economic and religious structures that can be divisive and painful. Filmmakers have the opportunity to expose powerful individual stories, which transcend mental and physical borders.

The inspiration for the Senza Frontiere - Without Borders Film Festival, is a documentary by Paul Smaczny “Knowledge Is The Beginning”, about the West-Eastern Divan orchestra. Founded by Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim, the orchestra is made up of students from Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Palestine. Their countries are at war but these individuals are not. Together they perform Beethoven in Berlin, Sevilla and Ramallah. As the musicians work together and learn about each other, it empowers them personally to imagine another vision for the Middle East. What Daniel Barenboim concludes for the Middle East holds true for all of us: “we either kill each other or share what there is to share.”

We show 15 - 20 films from all genres: features, documentaries, short, experimental and animation films that neither preach nor finger point. Do we need more film festivals? We need this one. “This is the only film festival with a soul”, was Jerry Levitans comment, when he came to Rome in 2008 to present his Oscar nominated short film “I Met The Walrus”. 

Each year is dedicated to a different theme. For example in 2010 we focused on issues related to Water; in 2011 we address the concept of Home, and 2012, our five year anniversary, is dedicated to Dignity.

After several inspiring years in Rome, Senza Frontiere has moved to Spoleto to be part of the prestigious Festival dei Due Mondi. Throughout the year satellite events at different locations, keep the program alive. For example in the spring of 2012 there will be a Without Borders event at Lincoln Centre, in New York.

Our events are financed through tax-deductible individual donations, and we are completely volunteer driven. We believe in the communicative power of film. After three days at the Senza Frontiere Film Festival, the audience has literally traveled the world and gained detailed insights into complex situations, which can foster compassion and understanding.

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