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North of South, West of East

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North of South, West of East
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North of South, West of East is a four wall film installation that reflects on the American Dream and the seductive promise of  personal reinvention.


                      “All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun”                                                                                                               -Jean Luc Godard

This film installation takes a scrupulous look at the idea of the American Dream through the tried and true vehicle of Hollywood tropes and conventional cinema. Working with narrative expectations, North of South, West of East turns everything inside out, breaking it apart and laying the typical components of comedy, thrill, horror, love and death neatly side by side accompanied by familiar and classic archetypes. The loaded and romantic symbol of car culture refers to Americana in the highest form, but also to the desire Hollywood creates. Through the powerful element of the automobile, NSWE creates a subtle connective tissue between the seemingly disparate characters. The desire to be entertained becomes hyper realized as the muti-screen, multi-wall film installation North of South West of East creates a fully immersive non-linear cinema experience. Each of the four character’s personal trajectories play out via the four wall projection, uncovering hidden transitions and giving a voice to all the cinematic moments that’s are deemed extraneous; a character laying in bed watching a spider cross the ceiling, someone walking through the desert, daydreaming. All the back story that is otherwise assumed in conventional cinema is now highlighted and celebrated, adding depth to the characters. The dialogue will only occur on one screen at a time, focusing the attention on one character at a time. When the characters eventually cross paths, the screens become a more subjective iteration of the overall script, as if four films with the same plot are playing at once, each told from a different perspective, yet each timed perfectly to coexist and play off the other. 

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