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Decoding Bach is a feature film project that tells the story of a timpanist at the NY orchestra, who, by decoding mysteries in music through acoustics, numerology, anagrams and ancient medicine, discovers a melody that arouses supreme sensations.


DECODING BACH - The Story of a Sound.

This is the story of Haydn Williams, a timpanist, who by decoding  mysteries in music through acoustics, numerology, anagrams  and ancient medicine, discovers a melody that dominates the masses by arousing supreme sensations. 
Will Haydn become a figure of mystical significance or a threat to mankind?

Mystery, Drama. 

New York City - 2003 
Sicily, Italy  - 1920

About the team:
'Decoding Bach' is the debut project of a distinctive collaboration between Writer | Director Darine Hotait and Co-Writer | Composer Tarek Yamani. 

Darine Hotait is an award winning writer | director. Her latest film 'Beirut...Hide and Seek' has premiered in Cannes, and has been selected in various film festivals.
It has been awarded an Honorable Mention and Best Original Score Award at the Los Angeles International Film Festival. It has been also nominated for a Best Foreign Short Film at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in the UK.   

Tarek Yamani is a New York based Jazz pianist and the Grand Prize Winner of The Thelonious Monk International Jazz Composer's Competition 2010. 
Tarek's creation of a system that translates alphabet to musical notes using numerology, stimulated the original idea of the film. He called the system 'Tonal Alphabet' which became a crucial element in decoding the mystery throughout the story.

Filmmakers Statement: 
Decoding Bach is a tribute to J.S. Bach and John Coltrane whose creations were both, artistic and mathematical masterpieces. 

Their mastery of sound vibrations is a clear manifestation of how the human body vibrates to a transcendent state when exposed to music. 

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