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Production of "Tapestry Rewoven" - a vocal jazz, blues, R&B-influenced recording that re-imagines Carole King's classic, "Tapestry" entirely.


Tapestry Rewoven - our jazz, blues, and R&B-influenced homage to the Carole King classic album, Tapestry, has played live to standing ovations around the country since its 2008 debut, building momentum and a fantastic following along the way. Our labor of love has been hailed as "wildly triumphant," "genius," and "a hurricane of entertainment."   

Carole King's Tapestry is in its fourth decade. Now is definitely the time for us to move to the next phase of this project and begin recording our inspired tribute, preserve it for posterity and, even more important, use this recording to join the movement of artists and educators promoting jazz to the next generation!    

 We're so proud to have fleshed out a project that is perceived as jazz at it's best: smart, inventive and very, very accessible. Our goal has always been to memorialize our tribute and use it for the greater good. We want to use the "user friendly" aspects of this music to be part of the movement of educators and artists who promote jazz to the next generation of listeners - so this great American treasure stays alive.  

Make no mistake - Tapestry Rewoven isn't your typical cover album. No... it's completely unique and rare in its approach: recreated with passion, adventurous musicality, and most important of all, total respect and reverence for the original. This is the tribute that Carole King's work of genius deserves and it will be a great tool to help us reach out to the next generation of listeners.   

So please consider becoming a part of the fabric that will be Tapestry Rewoven the recording as we kickoff our next phase to fund this very special recording project and join the efforts to promote jazz to the next generation of listeners.      

And, of course, please tell your friends and help this go viral!

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