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Lo Sguardo Italiano (The Italian Gaze)

A hand painted, animated film, a journey through the Italian contemporary landscape, seen with the eyes of an artist who emigrated to the United States.


The Italian Gaze is a journey into my geographical and cultural identity, and is my personal interpretation of the tension between opposite forces. My love for the arts, the traditions, the rich Italian cultural heritage, and my enchantment for the architecture and the landscape are at odds with the desolation of the present political, economical and moral depression in contemporary Italian life.

The Italian Gaze embraces the preservation of the arts, cultural heritage, architectural and natural beauty as the counterforce to the squalor of environmental destruction, forgetfulness of the past legacy, cultural aridity and materialism that prevents the development of Italy as a truly “beautiful” country.

The project began in 2005 in Italy during a residency at the Bogliasco Foundation in Genova, Italy. The uniqueness of The Italian Gaze relies on the use of single frame animation of thousands of small, oil painted still photos as the main material compositing the footage. Over 5,000 images have been created for the entire film, from 2005 through the beginning of 2016.

The relationship to this material is very personal and very intense: I feel, love and color by hand each single of those 5,000 images. The act of coloring is not a mechanical one, it is instead an act of conscious and unconscious meditation on the place that I had to leave years ago.

Originally conceived as a 16mm film, The Italian Gaze is currently in production. It is shot in HD with a DSLR camera, it will have a carefully designed soundtrack, and have the approximate duration of 13 minutes.

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