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She Dances With Fate

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She Dances With Fate
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Flamenco, Argentine tango, French burlesque, with the Mexican Day of the Dead, Spanish Gypsies, Rap, Dubstep, a Greek framework, urban dialog.


A serendipitous meeting at an art exhibition, between a local rapper, and a flamenco dancer, created a once in a lifetime scenario. He rapped over her flamenco steps. In tandem they made music. Within this, influenced & inspired, I wrote a play. It contains a fusion of modern Flamenco, Argentine tango, French burlesque, & contemporary, as dance movements. The Mexican Day of the Dead, Spanish Gypsy kante, Rap & Dubstep, as music. Standing on a literary pedestal of the Greek tragedy modernized, with urban dialog of our time. A combination of this nature is the first of its kind in theater.  

Premiering March 8th, 9th, & 10th, 2013 at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, Roy E. Disney Theater. Albuquerque, NM.  

Supported by The National Hispanic Cultural Center, The New York Foundation For The Arts, and Instituto Cervantes.  

The story is based around the mortal woman, Amara. Haunted by a feeling of eminent doom, she is  actually the Fourth Fate, the Chalice Keeper, of the Sisters Fate in Greek mythology. Her sisters have found her and want her to return to their realm, to her duty giving them the drink of the Void, which she has been running from for thousands of years. When they send a cosmic hunter, the Falcon, after her, to pick her up and bring her to them on the night of the Day of the Dead, they never suspected he would fall in love with her. Two things stand in his way of love, his duty, and the King of Dreams, who also wants Amara for her power of the liquid Void. The Falcon assumes his mission and attempts to deliver her to the portal. Amara remembers her immortality and turns the tides, in Greek fashion she takes her own life. She then faces her Sisters with fury, and becomes what she has been searching for since the beginning of time, Freewill.  

We have merged costumes and masks with a very select color palette of black, white, and metallics, for subconscious and conscious connections to the surreal, in archetypes, with gowns of red to represent her desire. (We hope to take the line to NYC Fashion Week in February 2013.) The 60 masks will be hand sculpted of aluminum. In addition, the floor to ceiling projected image will illuminate the interior monologue and memories of the characters, enhancing the unseen in reality.  

The Playbill will actually be a comic book, a fantasy/science fiction version of the play.  

The show will have striking experiences, with an MC & band opening and closing the show, as well as opening night events, after parties, and mini events, allowing fantastic opportunities to emerge with the actors, musicians, dancers, local talent, party goers/audience.  

Our intention is to push creativity and open a new door of opportunity for theater in New Mexico by being the first project of this sort to have been birthed in the State. Thereby, making our location a pinpoint for emerging projects locally & worldwide.  

What's more, we are negotiating bookings in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City.  Reykjavik, London, Glasgow, Dublin, Paris, Seville, Berlin, and Florence are also being sought! 

Ultimately, within this project we want to stay on the Green path and will utilize recycled materials for everything from the costumes to the set build, from the printed Playbill to a small carbon footprint in our travels.  

Thank you for taking time to consider our play.

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