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Making Money

Making Money
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Making Money is a feature film whose purpose is geared towards building a strong family based community.


"Making Money" follows the life of Marcus "Money" Banks and his quest to win his school's first ever basketball championship all while facing a greater challenge off the court. 

When I wrote the first draft of this story, things were going well for the film industry in Michigan. The tax breaks that were offered to filmmakers had made Michigan the go to destination for many in Hollywood and the world, which led to so many projects being filmed here. A lot of my friends and colleagues who had left the state to cultivate their careers now had an opportunity to come back and help revitalize a state that had seen its largest and most revered city fall to its lowest economic point in its history. However, the bottom fell further out when the state decided to remove the tax incentives for the newly burgeoning Michigan film industry and most of the friends who came back left again. 

"Making Money" is a project for those who stayed. 

I believe “Making Money” can be the catalyst to inspire hope in a community that is desperately trying to restore hope. This is a tangible project that will positively affect the youth from the community and serve as a reminder to our future leaders that anything is possible This project will also have a cultural impact not only throughout metro Detroit, but also the nation. I want to give metro Detroit a voice in the way that John Hughes gave Shermer, Illinois a voice; the way Spike Lee gave Brooklyn a voice; and definitely the way Tyler Perry has given Atlanta its voice. Ultimately, I want to create tourist attractions based on the locations in the film and create a financial base that can assist in sustaining everything that has not already been lost in our embattled region. However, I do realize that it is impossible to do this alone. 

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