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Social Practice: Plan(T) is Xavier Cortada's participatory eco-art project aimed at helping the local community learn about and plan for a future impacted by climate change. Residents are encouraged to plant a mangrove seedling in their yards to facilitate climate conversations, help sequester carbon dioxide, and grow Miami’s salt-tolerant native tree canopy. By planting for a future with saltwater-intrusion, local residents can begin planning for the effects that climate change will bring to Miami.


Sea levels are rising. Saltwater intrusion into our drinking water, septic tanks, landscape and agriculture is inevitable. Pinecrest Gardens-based environmental artist and University of Miami Professor of Practice Xavier Cortada wants residents to do something about it.

In his new, socially-charged “Plan(T)” project, Cortada is embarking on a public campaign to urge every resident across Miami-Dade County to plant a saltwater-tolerant mangrove propagule and an elevation-marked flag in their yard to symbolize and start preparing for the future of sea level rise.

The “mangrove in every yard” reforestation effort focuses on raising awareness and building community.  As friends, family members, and neighbors begin to see flags with seemingly arbitrary numbers drawn on them, their interest will be peaked. They will ask, "What is this white flag doing here? What do these numbers mean?" It is in this way that the mangrove and flag combination become an entry point for conversation. Topics such as climate change, sea-level rise, and saltwater intrusion can be discussed and Miamians can finally begin planning for the future. 

Learn more about the Plan(T) project here!

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