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MERMAN is a short animated film about a man and a woman, alone on an island, in trouble.

A dystopic fable of a decaying Eden, MERMAN investigates the paradox between intimacy and isolation in an archetypal human relationship, and illustrates the toll this emotional dissonance takes on the fragile environment its Adam & Eve inhabit. In the process, the film aims to draw parallels to the roles our symbiotic relationships with each other, and with nature, play in determining the future of our existence as a part of it.

Each morning on the small island, Woman is abandoned by Man, who, at dawn, places a diving helmet on his head and walks mysteriously into the sea. From sun up to sun down, he is consumed with tending a primordial undersea garden, immersed in a lush and wondrous environs teeming with a diverse abundance of life. Conversely, the neglected island above grows ever increasingly desolate and hostile, echoed by the emotional erosion occurring within the Woman’s heart as a pernicious strain of cabin fever takes hold.

As the two struggle to navigate the uncertain terrain between Self and Other, the precipitous fallout of their situation is mirrored in the collapsing health of the ecosystem they inhabit, both source and symbol of their well-being. When this habitat passes a tipping point from benevolent paradise to inhospitable warzone, the consequences of their ensuing actions ultimately come to threaten their very subsistence, and animosities between them become manifested as voracious incarnations of a mysterious, omnivorous nightmare.

MERMAN will be traditionally animated (each frame drawn by hand on paper), then digitally sequenced and composited. The film will be approximately 25 minutes in length.