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Girl on Girl: A Documentary Film

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Girl on Girl: A Documentary Film
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Girl On Girl follows seven women as they struggle to defend their identities as feminine lesbians in the face of society's skepticism.


Girl on Girl is a groundbreaking documentary that highlights the emotional consequences of 'feminine lesbian invisibility'— the phenomena in which, due to their feminine or “passing” appearance, many LGBTQ women are assumed to be straight by the outside world and are thus rendered invisible to each other. 

The Official Trailer

The concept behind Girl on Girl stems from the director's personal experience. 
After coming out at age fourteen, she was endlessly interrogated about her identity. The assumption that feminine women are ‘not real lesbians,’ left her subject to a barrage of dubious comments, most commonly, “Are you sure you’re gay?” “You haven’t met the right man,” or,  “you’re too pretty to be gay,” phrased as though it were a compliment.


WATCH Jodi talk about Girl on Girl on HuffPost Live!

Girl on Girl has already been offered slots in several LGBTQ festivals, including the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, the Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Philadelphia’s QFest, and the London Feminist Film Festival. The film’s cast features seven women from New York, Florida, Utah, and North Carolina, including ‘celesbian’ Lauren Bedford Russell (The Real L Word: Season 3). 

  • To produce and distribute a high-quality documentary film that highlights positive, diverse representations of feminine lesbian women. 
  • To fill a void in LGBTQ media made for and by women.
  • To reach audiences within and beyond the LGBTQ community by playing in both commercial and independent theaters and to achieve mainstream distribution in order to access the public and those communities that need to hear the film's message the most!
  • To engage both LGBTQ adults and youth who identify with the film’s message.
  • To educate through programming to supplement screenings of the film in schools, colleges, and LGBTQ youth centers.
  • To encourage productive and positive dialogue about 'invisibility' in general.  

           $25,000 to cover... 

1) Funding for travel and to shoot interviews out-of-state

2) Supplementary camera rentals and sound equipment

3) The recording costs of our original film score

4) A post-production crew to edit and complete the film

5) Professional sound mixing and mastering and color correction services

6) Insurance and legal fees 

7) Festival applications and marketing materials associated with these festivals.

8) To bring Girl on Girl to you. With 250,000+ fans online,  we need funding to interact our community in person, to host talkbacks and educational workshops, and cover the cost of other outreach programs.

Your donation will contribute to all of these.

The film follows seven women: Lauren, the ex-reality star; Kris, the feminist activist turned spiritual leader; Ashleigh and Destini and their toddler daughter, Saibra, a family hoping to get pregnant again; Lyndi, the Air Force veteran; Celina, a formerly bullied college student; and Karen, an aspiring designer and formerly homeless LGBTQ teen. All of the women identify with feeling delegitimized due to their femininity, and feel invisible either within the LGBTQ community, the outside world, or both.


These stories are interlinked through a series of home-movie vignettes and confessional style interviews that reveal each woman’s backstory and her present circumstance with regard to her sexual identity. The footage is visually and contextually diverse, from hotel confessions and Christmas morning, to sonograms, song circles and steamy (literally!) hot tub conversations. It is surprising, funny, touching, intimate, thought provoking, and as real as it gets. 



Girl on Girl's grassroots visibility campaign has already facilitated the growth of a vibrant community of women via our official Facebook page, which, in the last year alone, has flourished organically to 250,000 international fans, and continues to grow by the thousands weekly. 

Girl on Girl has nearly 250,000 FANS WORLDWIDE!

Girl on Girl has become an entity greater than the documentary itself. It is a community driven movement and platform for fan engagement that goes beyond the scope of a traditional film release.  

We engage our community on a personal level by incorporating them into our work! 

(ABOVE) Girl on Girl has received thousands of letters from women who feel invisible. The video's script is made up entirely of letters written to us on the page! The video played on HuffPost GAY Voices!


Below, you'll see that we made over 40 MILLION impressions... without a cent of advertising! 

We ENGAGE over 600,000 people a week. That's HUGE.

(600,000+ people 'like,' 'comment,' and 'share,' our posts every week!) 

We have HIGHER engagement rates than HRC, GLAAD and even Coca-Cola!

Really. Seriously. We do.   :) 


86% of our fans are women, which is our target demographic!  

The MOST impressive part...When we put out a post, we ENGAGE 87% women. That means that those people who want to see the posts, are seeing the posts! 



JODI SAVITZ is an independent documentary filmmaker based out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She grew up in Plantation, Florida, and was lucky to feel safe and supported enough to be open about her lesbian identity as a teenager. She has been out to her family and friends since she was 14 years old, and has been passionate about LGBTQ activism ever since. Jodi produced her first film, Yo Soy Asi, in 2010 in association with the National Institute of Art (IUNA) in Buenos Aires.  Jodi's goal is to fill a void in LGBTQ women’s programming through both fiction and non-fiction film work. She currently writes for Huffington Post Gay Voices, and has guest written on LGBTQ social issues on popular media blogs such as XO Jane.


DAHLIA HEYMAN is Vice President of US Development and Production at World Film Group where she has worked for eight years. In that time she has developed multiple shows including the game show, “No Limits.” Dahlia co-wrote and executive produced Someday This Pain Will be Useful to You, a feature length film based on a novel of the same title (for which she received the Italian Golden globe [Globo D’oro] for best screenplay 2012). The film stars Ellen Burstyn, Marcia Gay Harden, Lucy Liu, Peter Gallagher, and Deborah Anne Woll. She most recently produced the documentary, Shooting Serrano, that began airing on Vice.com in October, 2013.


LAUREN SAVITZ  is experienced in marketing and public relations, having worked at the Metropolitan Opera and the New York Public Library for a combined eight years. She is currently a student at City University of New York's School of Law.


MEREDITH GUNNING is a field producer and camera operator based out of Brooklyn, New York.  A graduate of Full Sail University, she has fifteen years of experience shooting in broadcast news and reality television. She is best known for her camera work on the hit TLC reality show, "Say Yes to the Dress." 


MARÍA PIEN is a composer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since late 2008, Maria has been very active in the BA music scene. She released her debut album, La Vuelta Manzana in 2012, and her second album in 2013 through the independent record label Elefante en la Habitación! 

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