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Manhattan Symphonie

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Manhattan Symphonie
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Gregory Singer's Manhattan Symphonie Concert Series is a proposed series of 12 orchestral concerts with soloists in New York area.


The Manhattan Symphonie was founded by Gregory Singer. His primary interest was always in finding ways for great music to make a difference in critical problems facing the world community.  He envisioned an orchestra that would perform primarily for special occasions, in order to support humanitarian causes, and to celebrate major achievements for the benefit of society.

The Manhattan Symphonie has performed internationally to great critical acclaim under Mr. Gregory Singer's direction.  Its membership draws from the finest professional musicians in the New York area, and is based on a loyal core group of like-minded artists.  

Since their debut concert at Carnegie Hall, the group has played in a wide variety of settings, and has earned a dynamic reputation for innovative programming, as well as for galvanizing audiences with their inspired interpretations.  The orchestra’s dedication to a higher purpose has produced performances from which listeners have reported a rare degree of musical vitality and excitement.  In 2009 the group toured China, giving a large-scale series of sold-out concerts to commemorate the 30th year of formal diplomatic relations with the US.  

The events were so successful that the ensemble was invited back for a spectacular second tour the following season.  In such diverse projects as inaugurating a magnificent new Steinway piano at Lehman College with Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, or an all-Mendelssohn program marking the legendary composer’s birthday, or a musical salute to the Shanghai Exposition, or a concert to support the development of a community center in New York City at a renovated castle, the orchestra constantly finds ways for music to draw attention to important accomplishments and aspirations. 

In 2010, on the anniversary of 9/11, they gave a gala New York performance of the Dvorak “New World Symphony,” as an appropriately chosen feature of the Third Annual Circle Wind Memorial Concert, honoring the fallen victims of the terrorist attacks nine years earlier. The highly enthusiastic response led to a return engagement for the orchestra a year later, to present a double musical tribute to both the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11, and the numerous sufferers of the devastating earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011.  Mr. Singer is also tirelessly active as an educator, producer, manager, and executive board member of various eminent arts organizations.  Through these enterprises, he has become a significant cultural ambassador, bringing people together by the use of artistic communication for positive social change. To keep up on what Gregory and Manhattan Symphonie are doing, please visit

The Manhattan Symphonie Concert Series has recently been awarded an affiliation with the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), for purposes of accepting tax-exempt contributions from other sources.  This means that financial donations to the orchestra are now legally tax deductible, and donors of all kinds will benefit from the tax advantages provided by a non-profit organization. 

This is a major breakthrough in our ability to receive funding, and we are finally in a position to secure the kind of support we deserve, which will allow our unique multi-cultural projects to make a vastly stronger impact in the world.

So far, the only thing that has held us back is a restricted operating budget.  In spite of that, we have accomplished remarkable things that no other group is doing – and we can now plan for much greater achievements together.

The orchestra already has another Carnegie Hall concert, as well as the third tour in China.  All of this requires much more funding than we currently have.  It’s thrilling to imagine what could be created with your sponsorship as a financial patron.  It would also allow us to arrange much wider musical tours in the US and other countries, reach across cultures and borders to develop connections on every level… there would be no limit to realizing our dreams, which we know are the same as yours.       

The best part of this is that because of the orchestra’s new tax-exempt status, your direct financial support for us will benefit you economically as well.  We have now removed the last obstacle to further our goals to spread the message of unity through music and culture.

Thank you very much.

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