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What if all potential building materials discarded in the trash could be utilized for the creation of a new public space? What if a person’s personal collection, that accumulation of stuff that is so often hidden away, could be brought out into the open, displayed and viewed by others for the first time? People work too hard to obtain and maintain their super-sized lifestyles, while the really precious things in their lives are too often forgotten. It is that stuff—having grown old and having b

MATT BUA/CRIBS TO CRIBBAGE TO B-HOME AGAIN.... http://www.bobcathouse.blogspot.com A handmade People's Museum has been constructed in Catskill, NY in the form of a lounging bobcat. The museum is built using discarded tree branches and cut offs from local mills. The interior houses a collection of materials and displays celebrating the people, stories and history of the Catskill Mountains. Content for displays are collected from both historical organizations and the surrounding community. The museum has a unique focus of seamlessly blending the stories, visions and personal collections of residents with the voices of historians. The folk legends, urban myths and favorite, almost forgotten tide bits on display make this new public space a place to soak in what this area is really all about.