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Clown Baggage

Clown Baggage
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CLOWN BAGGAGE: a live 90 minute solo auto­biographical cavalcade of neo­vaudevillian delights. Med School and Clown College collide inside the circus ring of a teaching hospital. This four week workshop culminates in 5 public performances.


‘Clown Baggage’ is a marriage of story-telling, and neo-vaudevillian spectacle: a live, solo, immersive theatrical explosion where medical school and clown college collide inside the circus ring of a teaching hospital.

I put doctors and clowns (and myself) on an examining table where I poke, prod, and immerse the audience smack dab in the middle of my inner ‘clown-flict’: Med School or Clown College? Doctor or Clown?

This 90 minute live multi-disciplinary spectacle is achieved through circus feats, sideshow acts, pop-music, monologues, ventriloquism and dance with a life-size lab skeleton, puppetry, burlesque in a 6 foot balloon, audience participation in classic clown entrees, and the audience-wide ritualistic reading and then destruction of Medical School rejection letters, where the pieces are thrown into the air and become a snowstorm that engulfs the space.

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