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Leslie-Arlette Boyce/Beauties: As Seen By Others/And Then What Is

Leslie Arlette Boyce

A living conversation about multiculturalism, Beauties: As Seen By Others / And Then What Is, is a large scale dance theatre and new media event.


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A living conversation about multiculturalism, Beauties: As Seen By Others/And Then What Is,

 is a interdisciplinary dance theater and new media performance event, offering an uncommon combination of live dance, aerialists and photographic composites, accompanied by original music commissioned for this project.

Derived from the words choreography and photography, the new media—CHOREOTOGRAPHY®/CTM that has been developed by project director Leslie-Arlette Boyce challenges the viewer to recognize the difference between personal truth and external perceptions that can lead to cultural misappropriation. The contemporary design of Beauties offers an innovative way to encourage acceptance of diversity, as the audience is invited to witness mutual recognition of cultural identity. Photographs taken over a period of years in various mediums were used to create these composites.will accompany performances, with an original score by composer Rod Williams.

Given the current global climate regarding ethnicity and suppositions regarding race, the political urgency of this production is clearer daily. These newly created performances of Beauties: As Seen By Others/And Then What Is, will be accompanied by moderated post work in progress performance discussions that focuses on cultural awareness and the value of edifying traditions.

somr of the artists that have agreed to make themselves available for the process of participating with the creation of the full production are; Pablo Aran Gemino, born in Barcelona, Spain (currently with the Pina Bausch Company), aerialists Ashtar Maullem, and Fadi Zmorrod, both born in Palestine and graduates of Central National des Arts du Cirque (Châlons-en-Champagne France); Bafana Solomom Matea from Mamelodi Pretoria South Africa, and aerialist Benn Mendoza. The remaining two dancers needed for the project are yet to be finalized.




For contact and additional information visit www.lesliearletteboyce.com