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Dancebot VIM *Visionary Intuitive Movement*

David Meanix brings life to human figure photosculpture by making it the outer surface of an interactive, intelligent, DANCING humanoid robot.


Dancebot VIM, *Visionary Intuitive Movement*  will combine and exercise the power of photosculpture, dance and robotics to exemplify the universal human joy to move, grow, change and evolve.  We will bring life to full size, human figure photosculptures by applying them to a humanoid moving robot.  Dancers will teach their choreography to VIM wirelessly by wearing body motion sensor suits and utilizing motion recognition software.   A colorfully interactive dancing sculpture, VIM will store, teach and give us graceful reflections of our pivotal relationship with science and technology while on tour giving assemblies at schools, performing at art centers and visiting healing facilities.  While loving people of all ages, VIM also has a green thumb and an awe of the natural world.  This is why African, Indian and other nature inspired, indigenous dances are some of VIM's favorites among modern contemporary and hiphop movement inspirations.  In fact, there isn't a dance form that VIM won't learn and spin around and enjoy sharing with you.  That is what VIM is all about.  When art and science merge beautifully, we move the whole world in the right direction. 

More details to come.  Keep on moving!  If you can move, you can dance!