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You Were Saying

You Were Saying
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You Were Saying is a large scale, public venue contemporary figurative sculpture exploring the need/desire for qualitative human interaction/communication.


You Were Saying is a strong visual encouragement of the need for engaged personal communication.

The Internet Age has dramatically influenced our collective ability to communicate with others – around the block and around the world. Indeed, it is a valuable gift that has greatly enhanced our ability to understand the world in which we live as well as discover new depths of that understanding.

However, as with all new tools in human history, internet communication also has the ability to truncate our relationship levels with people that share our lived experiences.

From email to Facebook to Twitter, the qualitative level of our connection with other people has progressively been reduced to a mere 140 characters. The message is there, but the meaning is too often diminished.

You Were Saying is designed to visually address this communicative loss that so many feel at an unconscious level. The design works to gently draw in the viewer, engaging them not with a “sledge hammer,” but with a reflective mirror. The design is approachable and contemplative, inviting the viewer to reflect on their own experiences to rediscover the qualitative communication skills that they innately know, but which have become more distant and foreign than any of us would choose.

You Were Saying combines strong, expressive figurative sculpture in an unabashedly contemporary setting, again mirroring our own daily life experience.

The bronze figurative sculptures are male and female, expressively sculpted to emphasize the strength of their physical, emotional and spiritual presence. They stand 9’ in height – a size that commands attention without being overwhelming.

The figures are separated by a 12’ x 20’ (adaptable) open mesh metal coil drapery woven with high quality wire materials (e.g., aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc.). The drapery offers multiple color and sheen options to further enhance the sculptor’s desired effect.

Obviously, the male/female figures are separated by the metal coil drapery, and yet the coil drapery is not opaque, suggesting that the communicative impasse presented is not at all insurmountable. The open mesh design invites a communicative interaction.

The entire sculpture is designed to be mounted on discreet casters, allowing for the easy repositioning of the work according to the need of the installation site. An added bonus of this movability capability is that the specific installation site may easily be varied for increased visual interest and impact.

Project Audience:
The project is aimed at three primary audiences: local inhabitants, visitors and conventioneers, including high-end hotel properties. The exposed audience is expected to include a high level of visitors from throughout the nation.

Project Timeline:
The figurative maquettes for this project already exist, ready for enlargement. Blue Genie Studios, Austin, has estimated a 30-day timeline to enlarge the maquettes to their final display size for detail finish and master mould preparation. Bronze casting is estimated at 60-90 days. The curtain mesh & basing material is also produced within this timeline.

Project Exhibition Venues:
You Were Saying
will be publicly exhibited in venues where people come together to meet/work/relax, i.e., where people meet to communicate.

Each venue will display the work on a temporary basis for a period of 30-45 days. The initial venues being approached are in the San Antonio TX area.

The targeted venues are high-end convention-oriented hotel lobbies and hotel resorts. The 5 properties approached thus far include: J.W. Marriott Resort, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Drury Plaza Hotel, Hyatt Resort, Westin La Cantera.

Should the project meet with its anticipated success, installation venues may be sought in other Texas cities, i.e., Austin, Houston, Dallas.

Project Promotion:
You Were Saying
will be promoted through various publicity means.

The San Antonio Department of Cultural Affairs can disseminate project information through their weekly website newsletter that is delivered to the hospitality sector as well as throughout the regional arts community.

The San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau shares regular, extensive event listings with a wide range of public and private regional entities. With the support of these two agencies, it is anticipated that local radio PSA’s will be secured.

Local radio and/or television coverage of “installation day” may also be a publicity possibility to either introduce the project or revive interest (a gentle reminder of the opportunity) when it is reinstalled in subsequent venues. This coverage may also include “live” interviews with the sculptor and/or venue management.

The local PBS station (KLRN-TV, Channel 9) may show interest in doing a documentary of the overall project that documents the original rationale, the production process, the venue installations and the public response to the project.

There is a statewide television program, Texas Country Reporter, that may also have an interest in such a production (They have filmed Donna previously for a project in Cleveland OH).

Additional promotion efforts will include event brochures for hotel concierge stations (San Antonio has well over 100 hospitality properties), direct promotion by each exhibition venue and direct promotion through the sculptor’s website and mass emails.

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