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A portrait of one woman's search for her identity amidst the social misconceptions surrounding a rare physical condition.


  A feature length documentary, Jezzka's World is a story about a remarkable young woman born with a rare physical condition. The film follows her quest to discover her identity beneath the social misconceptions surrounding her stature. Reported by the Office of Rare Diseases (ORD) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Jezzka is among one in less than 200,000 individuals living in the United States with her unique skeletal structure.

  At eye level, Jezzka takes you along for the ride of her life. In a fearless search for freedom, self discovery and love, she plunges into a life changing move to New York City. How does this small town girl take on the big city world? Can she find the quality of life that others often take for granted?

  An honest and insightful look at the human condition, powerfully illustrated by one woman's struggle to find her place in a world that seeks to alienate her. Looking from the inside out; discover who Jezzka really is.

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