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Velvet Vision is about the photographer/director James Bidgood, 'Pink Narcissus', shooting again for the first time in forty years.


Velvet Vision is about the photographer/director James Bidgood who shot in the early 1960’s. His beefcake photographs were unlike any other at the time, featuring elaborate fantasy scenarios drenched in lush color. His film ‘Pink Narcissus’ was shrouded in mystery upon its release having been credited to ‘Anonymous’. It was falsely attributed to Kenneth Anger and Andy Warhol, among others, until the 1980’s when it was revealed that it was the work of one man, James Bidgood. James received a grant from Creative Capital last year to shoot a new series of his homoerotic photographs. Velvet Vision follows him in the process of shooting again as well as delving into his past as window dresser, drag artist and costume designer. Velvet Vision depicts a story that is universal, especially for those involved in artistic endeavors. His life and therefore his work have been about overcoming obstacles and coping with being an outsider. The fantasy life he creates is his coping mechanism that helps him keep him his sanity and gives him a reason for living. His work has great historical importance but has had little commercial value for himself, partially his own doing but also because of timing. This film will give his work the chronological perspective and validity it deserves and show how his ‘look’ has been copied and exploited by others who have mainstreamed and commercialized it for the general public

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