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The Mandé Orchestra "The Story of Dially Mady Wouling" The mythical construction of an ancient instrument An interactive multimedia performance for Voice, African harp (kora), Chamber Orchestra, Video and Multi-touch-patch-relationship-controller


The work retraces the steps of Ablaye Cissoko’s ancestor, the legendary griot Kimintang Cissoko (Dially Mady Wouling), as he invents the African lute-harp nearly a thousand years ago in form of an interactive multimedia performance. Ablaye Cissoko tells the mythical creation story of the kora in his mother language Mandinka. The story is recounted by griots throughout West Africa and confirms Ablaye Cissoko as a living, breathing decedent of a mythical person. Mandinka is a tonal language, which is ideal for musical adaption. The sound of the spoken words is the base of a spectral, tonal and rhythmical collection of notated music for the orchestra. It also provides material for the improvisations, as they are an inherent and preplanned compositional factor. The speech and music is sampled and send to a computer for real-time processing. The string music runs through patches, modulated by the spoken words, which influences the video images. The images alter the distribution of sound in space. The patch relationship between the musicians, video sequences, sound distributions, sound modulations and spoken words is controlled via a computer in real-time. Each section within the chapters result in an audio-visual room consisting of:  1) Ablaye Cissoko telling the story of Dially Mady Wouling 2) Music performed by the orchestra in relation to tonal language 3) Transformed video clips resulting in real-time interactive sequences 4) Patched audio sound The video-sample represents a speech sample.

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