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A documentary film about the life, thought and transformative impact of religious thinker and human rights activist Abraham Joshua Heschel.



What would happen if you took one part Martin Buber, one part Martin Luther King, one part Maimonides, one part Jeremiah, one part Dorothy Day, one part Rabbi Akiva and one part Albert Einstein and mixed them all together? You’d get Abraham Joshua Heschel: scholar, mystic, devout Jew, social justice activist and one of the most powerful voices of the religious left in the 20th Century.

Praying With My Legs will be a two-hour documentary that explores the life, thought and transformative impact of this profound religious thinker and human rights activist. Rabbi Heschel was the author of some of the most inspiring books on human spirituality of the 20th century, including "Man is Not Alone," "God in Search of Man," and "The Sabbath." He was a passionate, eloquent advocate for the oppressed and a pioneer in interfaith dialogue. He marched with Martin Luther King in Selma, helped lead the religious opposition to the Vietnam War, spoke out against the Soviet Union's trampling of the rights of Russian Jewry and helped lead a campaign to convince the Vatican to overturn 2000 years of toxicity in Catholic-Jewish relations.

Abraham Joshua Heschel's concern for the basic dignity of every human being is as relevant today as ever. Yet, to our great loss, Rabbi Heschel is surprisingly unknown to most Americans. This film seeks to remedy that state of affairs.

In order to do that, this groundbreaking film very much needs your help to get its message out into the world. Please consider making an online tax-deductible contribution to support this important film.

You can find out much more about the film by going to its website: Thank you for your support.

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