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Artists in NYC

Artists in NYC
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"Artists in NYC" is a documentary film about visual artists living and working in New York City. For more information please visit: https://www.artistsinnyc.com/.


Artists in NYC

Most educated and intelligent people believe art and artists are vitally important for our city and our culture. Unfortunately, almost all media on living artists focuses on the same handful of blue-chip or well-known artists. These artists, however, comprise only one- to two- percent of working artists.

Artists in NYC will look at a different group of artists: those with a track record of exhibitions and sales, but who are still unknown to the general public and often unknown even to the art cognoscenti. These artists range from graduate students to those in the twilight of their careers. We will enter into their studios and galleries to talk to them about why they create what they create, and why it is important for them to continue to struggle and strive when fortunate and fame are all but impossible.

The film will have three interconnected and interwoven sections of unequal lengths. In the first and longest section of the film we will look at the most traditional form of art: painting. Many of the painters are working in Bushwick, where it is said there are a greater number of artists than any place in the world.

In the second section, we will look at artists using contemporary tools: video, computer graphics, and other forms of technology. Often these artists work in groups or within art-incubators, and their work investigates social and political themes and engages an online audience. In the third section, we will talk to critics, curators, and collectors to get a better idea of today’s art history and to see what impact the multibillion-dollar art market has on it.

By the end of the film, viewers should have a deeper understanding of why living artists are of vital importance to the city and to our shared cultural history. Artists do not exist simply to give us pretty pictures. They can provide a spiritual, emotional, and intellectual foundation to live and base an existence upon. 


Thus far, about $20,000 has been raised through family and friends.  It is my hope to raise slightly more than $100,000 to finish the film. This money will go to hiring additional staff including: a co-producer, editor, and camera people, and also to help with a variety of postproduction costs including legal expenses, promotional costs, music rights, etc. A funding breakdown is available to serious donors.


The vast majority of artists interviewed have come through recommendations from other artists. But this process began after thousands and thousands of hours of looking at, and reading about, art, visiting galleries, artists’ studios, museums, and nearly five years of invaluable experiencing working at Christie’s Auction House where I participated in all their multimillion dollar art auctions and was fortunate to have access to all their private viewing rooms where I was able to see and study artwork worth billions of dollars. Additionally, my father is an artist, as is my sister.

Producer and Director

Producer and director, Terence Donnellan is two-time NY Emmy nominee. His documentary film, Refugees: Enemies or Victims? was nominated for a NY Emmy in 2018, and his firm, Shelter in the City, was nominated in 2017. Shelter in the City is available through iTunes, Amazon, and Vudu

Through his production company, Blasket McManus Productions, Donnellan has produced, directed, and written short fiction and nonfiction films, commercials, and corporate videos. Currently, he is a senior producer at NET TV, where he has produced, directed, and or written more than 90 30-minute television episodes for five different television shows. His literary novel, A Tincture of Madness, looks at the fine line between genius and madness and is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Theatre plays have been seen in five small theatres in NYC.

Additional information can be found at: Artists in NYC.

Contact: tpd707@gmail.com

Partial list of Artists interviewed (alphabetical)

  1. Alteronce Gumby: http://www.alteroncegumby.com
  1. Brett Wallace: http://brettwallace.com/
  1. C. Michael Norton: http://www.cmichaelnorton.com/paintings.htm
  1. Charlie Clough: http://www.clufff.com
  1. Cibele Viera: http://www.cibelevieira.com/bio
  1. Coby Kennedy: https://www.instagram.com/cobykennedy/?hl=en
  1. Cordy Ryman: http://cordyryman.com
  1. David John Gadd: http://www.danieljohngadd.com/
  1. Etty Yaniv: http://www.ettyyanivstudio.com
  1. Federico Solmi: http://federicosolmi.com
  1. Grace Roselli: https://www.graceroselli.com
  1. Greg Haberny: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Haberny
  1. Loren Munk: http://www.lorenmunk.com
  1. Heather Morgan: http://www.starboy.org
  1. Hyon Gyon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyon_Gyon
  1. Michael David: https://www.michaeldavidpainter.com/
  1. Paul D’Agostino: http://centotto.com/paul-dagostino/
  1. Phong Bui: http://phongbui.net
  1. Rosalind Tallmadge: https://rosalindtallmadge.com
  1. Sharon Louden: http://www.sharonlouden.com
  1. Shin Gallery: http://www.shin-gallery.com


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