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Artists in NYC

Artists in NYC
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"Artists in NYC" is a documentary film about visual artists living and working in New York City. See trailer and info below.


Artists in NYC

Artists in NYC is a documentary film that explores what it means to be a visual artist living and working in New York City. All of the artists have exhibited domestically and many have shown internationally. Some artists are in museum collections, others have been in prestigious art fairs and biennales. The artists have traveled from across the country and around the world to make New York City their home. They range in age from just out of art school to those with many decades of experience. Some work with traditional tools, others work with the most advanced technologies available today. We will visit their studios and galleries to talk to them about why they create what they create.  By the end of the film, viewers should have a deeper understanding of why living artists are of vital importance to the city and to our shared cultural history. Artists do not exist simply to give us pretty pictures. They can provide a spiritual, emotional, and intellectual foundation for life. (List of artists below with links to websites)

To complement the stellar lineup of visual artists is an array of innovative and groundbreaking musical artists including: Bob Dylan, John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Ahmad Jamal, Joseph Arthur, and a variety of new and younger blues, hip hop, and rap artists. 


Status: The film was finished and set for release but one of the artists in the film, Pat Phillips, was recently selected for the Whitney Biennale 2019. Therefore, we will wait for the Biennale to open (May 17), film Pat talking about his journey as an artist, add that to the film, and then have a premiere approximately two weeks, later, June 6 in Manhattan.  The film will then be released through our website.

Sponsors: Although we would have liked to have a national theatrical release for the film this has not been possible because there was not a large enough budget to do so. In an effort to get the film into theaters, we are now looking for sponsors to help us personally take the film across the country showing it at one art house theater to the next. Contributions are tax-deductible if given through NYFA.  To learn more about sponsorship please send an email. 

Producer and Director

Terence Donnellan is two-time NY Emmy nominee. His documentary film, Refugees: Enemies or Victims? was nominated for a NY Emmy in 2018, and his firm, Shelter in the City, was nominated in 2017. Shelter in the City is available through iTunes, Amazon, and Vudu

Through his production company, Blasket McManus Productions, Donnellan has produced, directed, and written short fiction and nonfiction films, commercials, and corporate videos. His literary novel, A Tincture of Madness, looks at the fine line between genius and madness and is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Theatre plays have been seen in five small theatres in NYC.

Additional information can be found at: Artists in NYC.



Alteronce Gumby 

Anki King

Brett Wallace 

C. Michael Norton 

Coby Kennedy

Cordy Ryman

David John Gadd 


Etty Yaniv 

Federico Solmi 

Grace Roselli 

Greg Haberny 

Heather Morgan 

Hyon Gyon 

Katherine Bradford 

Loren Munk  / James Kalm ​

Michael David

Pat Phillips 

Paul Pagk 

Phong Bui 

Rosalind Tallmadge 

Vieno James


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