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City Skyline Petroglyph

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City Skyline Petroglyph
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The goal for this project is to place a large boulder or quarry block in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and carve it with shallow relief images that document and preserve the contemporary view of the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines in virtually indestructible posterity.


Since 2010 my art practice is travelling the country making portraits of communities in shallow relief carvings on boulders and immovable rocks.  The objective is to make super durable documents of a place in a specific moment of time. I've lived in New York since 1993, but in 2010 I left the city in search of big rocks, and I made site specific pieces in diverse communities all over the continent. I have experience creating petroglyphs both large and small, on private and public land. The first stage of making a piece is researching a community by embedding myself with in it and photographing the industries and activities of the residents. Then I make a stone carving on site where local people can engage with me, share stories, and make suggestions.  After the carving is complete, I make prints, or impressions, from the carved stones. I also lead community work shops in printmaking that educate the community about the content of the work, the artistic process, and printmaking specifically. Meeting the artist and taking a print home further invests the community in the piece. Viewers identify with the work, for they see their own life and moment marked down for the long term.


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