A Special Message from Lisa Kron, Fellow in Playwriting/Screenwriting ‘94

A Special Message from Lisa Kron, Fellow in Playwriting/Screenwriting ‘94

Dear Friends,

In 1994, I was fortunate to receive a grant from NYFA. It was the first grant I had ever received, and it came at a pivotal moment for me. Having spent years as a member of the collective Five Lesbian Brothers, I was exploring my work as a solo writer and performer and, beyond the cash, the encouragement that came with the check was incredibly meaningful.

In the time since I received my award, NYFA has grown and evolved and now serves artists on so many fronts, it could make your head explode. They have hundreds of employment opportunities on their website every month, so artists can find jobs; they have a fiscal sponsorship department dedicated to helping artists raise money for their projects, they have boot camps and workshops to help artists get better at the non-show part of show business; they have real people who will answer phone calls and give personalized advice; they provide mentoring so artists can get to know people who will show them the ropes, and, fortunately, they still give out money.

NYFA serves everyone. There are programs for immigrant artists, senior artists, artists in all disciplines—basically, NYFA is like a combination of your tech savvy niece, your investment banker sister, your match-making aunt, and your mom.

Of course, this is the time of year when you show all those people just how important they are to you. I hope you’ll show NYFA some love as well, and what better way than making a donation? Doing so not only shows NYFA you care, but your donation will support literally thousands of artists, giving them the things they need to survive and achieve success on their own terms. It is never easy to be an artist and the times are especially challenging right now. NYFA was there for me when I needed them, and I hope you will help ensure that they remain there for so many artists now and in the future.

Please click here to donate to NYFA.



Lisa Kron,
Playwright and Lyricist, Fun Home

Image: Lisa Kron (Fellow in Playwriting/Screenwriting ‘94), Photo Credit: Eva Weiss

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